What is VPS? For What Purpose Is It Used?

What is VPS and what is it used for?
What is VPS and what is it used for?

VPS Server comes to the aid of advanced internet users, generally preferring sites with high clicks and internet users who receive individual hosting services. Individual web hosting services that can respond to certain page clicks can become inextricable and infuriating. For this reason, website owners who need high performance and want to be economical can turn to VPS Servers in this style, as well as VPS Servers that can be managed very well and prepared by a knowledgeable team.

VPS serverAs it is known, the main dedicated server is divided into denominators and used just like the piece of cake, so we need high-performance main dedicated servers. One of the few companies that can manage and protect these servers is KEYUBU. The KEYUBU brand can provide uninterrupted service to its customers with its main servers that can meet your needs and with its strong protection infrastructure.


First of all, it would be more accurate to talk about the ease of use of KEYUBU. KEYUBU is focused on providing services to the internet world by setting all its main dedicated servers in the same configuration for its customers. VPSThey can have both the same speeds and superior performance.

If we talk about the ease of use of the VPS server, it has root folder access permission. KEYUBU company uses an automatic system when setting up these VPS Servers, you can set the desired format on the customer panel whenever you want. You have the advantage of using Linux in situations that require Linux and Windows in times that require Windows. Also, although there is root file access on VPS Servers, another user can never access your files or private information because the passwords are entirely yours.

VPS ServerThe biggest advantage of the system is that it can be intervened immediately in cases that require root folder or special settings. By installing the web control panel you want on this VPS, you have the extra opportunity to manage your websites as you want.


Tailored to the needs of all internet users rent a VPSVPS servers are recommended for individual users and small businesses. Thanks to its database storage feature, you can install special CDN applications on this VPS Server and access it remotely and from anywhere with an IP address assigned to you by KEYUBU. Generally, businesses with many employees can set up special systems in order to work remotely, for example, a separate working environment can be prepared for each user by easily connecting to the Windows Server operating system of the VPS Server by using a common remote desktop.


You can get unlimited support for your VPS Server via KEYUBU at any time and even move from your old VPS servers to a new one. VPS Migration or management are situations that may require IT department, KEYUBU does it for you. As an extra advantage, KEYUBU also provides you with free file transfers. For example, if you want to migrate a website but you get a database error, KEYUBU can do it for you. While performing VPS migrations, there are cases where error detection is made. If your files are searched for important databases such as MYSQL, they are improved after error detection and can be moved to your new VPS and ensure that your website or MYSQL file works properly.


Since VPS servers are shared multiple times, they require the best hardware, although it is shared over the main dedicated server, very powerful hardware is needed. KEYUBU, which configures the hardware such as Processor, Ram and Memory in the same way to all its dedicated servers, is ready with its team to give you the best VPS service.


KEYUBU always gives the best price guarantee to its customers, it still tries to provide the cheapest services despite the increasing exchange rates. Today, since most of the competitors sell over the exchange rate, KEYUBU automatically eliminates these competitors.


Although the VPS server has high performance, sometimes they cannot withstand incoming attacks. KEYUBU can provide you with almost every kind of protection you can think of and provide uninterrupted service.

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