What is Patriot, What Is It For And What Are Its Features?

What is Patriot, What Is It And What Are Its Features
What is Patriot, What Is It And What Are Its Features

Patriot, which stands for "Phased-Array Tracking and Intercept Of Target", is an anti-aircraft missile developed by the USA Raytheon Company to replace Nike Hercules and HAWK missiles.

This missile defense system, used by the armies of the USA and allied countries, was developed to protect large administrative and industrial centers and land, sea and air bases against air attacks.

The Patriot, whose first shot was fired in 1970, was out of the priorities of the US Army at that time. The system, which continued to work in the next period, could only be used operationally in 1983.

What are the Patriot Features?

It can be used against tactical ballistic missiles as well as aircraft. It did not have much effect against the Scud missiles held by Iraq in the Gulf War.

Track Via Missile is fully guided. It can be used from mobile and fixed ramps. Multifunctional AN/MPQ 53 radar is available.

In the Gulf War, America used Patriot and Hawk missile batteries to protect key industrial centers, ports, and settlements, including other strategic locations, in Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. In this war, the Patriot, Hawk and E-3 Awacs systems completed each other and fulfilled the task of regional defense.

The Patriot firing unit, which essentially manages and manages the air defense, functions separately from the other main parts. Normally the system is used in groups of six units united in a battalion controlled by the information coordination center vehicle.

How does Patriot work?

Patriot missile system is a missile system based on defense. This system detects the 3-6 meter long missiles used for attack, as well as the incoming missiles at 3-5 times the speed compared to the speed of sound, and destroys them by sending a counter-missile while in the air.

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