What is a Baby Nurse, What Does He Do, How to Become? Baby Nurse Salaries 2022

What is a Baby Nurse, What Does It Do, How to Become Baby Nurse Salaries 2022
What is a Baby Nurse, What Does It Do, How to Become Baby Nurse Salaries 2022

The baby nurse performs all the care and treatment of newborn babies in line with their professional nursing roles. Provides parents with guidance on baby care.

What Does a Baby Nurse Do, What Are Their Duties?

Other responsibilities of the baby nurse, who have an important role in the adaptation of the newborn baby to the external environment and maximizing its health, are as follows;

  • To do the first care of the newborn baby with the birth,
  • To evaluate the newborn and to inform the physician in case of deviation from normal,
  • Ensuring that the baby's body temperature is maintained and maintained,
  • To take measures to prevent infections,
  • Performing routine care for the baby and applying the desired treatments under the physician's follow-up,
  • To help the interaction between the family and the baby start at the earliest period,
  • To provide support to meet the needs of the mother and to strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby,
  • To provide information and support to the mother about breastfeeding techniques,
  • Supporting the family during crisis periods that cause anxiety and stress in families such as the baby with anomaly, premature birth, low birth weight or loss of the baby,
  • Ensuring that the patient is safely transported and prepared for surgery when necessary,
  • Preparing the newborn and his family for discharge from the hospital and for the home care process,
  • To inform the family about the baby's vaccinations and the screening tests that should be done.

How to Become a Baby Nurse?

To be a baby nurse, it is necessary to have completed a four-year undergraduate education from a university or college or to be a graduate of a Health Vocational High School. People who want to be a baby nurse must have certain qualifications;

  • Having a high sense of responsibility
  • Showing an empathetic approach to parents and other family members,
  • Demonstrate the ability to make quick decisions in critical situations,
  • Being patient, flexible and tolerant,
  • Have advanced communication skills,
  • Demonstrate planning and organizational skills,
  • Have emotional stability
  • To behave in accordance with professional ethics,
  • Being open to learning and development,
  • Being prone to teamwork
  • Having order and discipline.

Baby Nurse Salaries 2022

Reserve Officer salaries vary according to their regions. Generally, the salaries of Reserve Officers vary between 6.800 TL and 12.000 TL.

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