Underwater Commandos Dive 200 Days a Year

Underwater Commandos Dive 200 Days a Year
Underwater Commandos Dive 200 Days a Year

Underwater Search and Rescue (SAK) teams, consisting of commandos in Erzurum, not only rush to the aid of victims in flood and avalanche events in 8 provinces, but also provide the clarification of forensic events by finding the missing person or crime evidence.

SAK teams working within the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, as well as Erzurum, Erzincan, Gümüşhane, Bayburt, Ardahan, Kars, Rize and Artvin in their areas of responsibility to find people lost in flood and avalanche events, or to find people who have lost their lives in streams, dams, ponds and water bodies with high flow rates. He takes charge in finding the corpse lost in the piles, the crime elements thrown there, and the evidence.

Equipped with special equipment, selected from commandos with superior physical strength and skills, the team consists of high-ranking soldiers, and with the rigorous training they receive, especially in diving, they overcome all kinds of missions under water.

SAK teams, who spend approximately 365 days of 200 days a year diving due to both their actual duties and training, wear their special clothes and equipment to search under water in such events. In these searches, SAK teams help the justice in the clarification of forensic events, by finding the person or corpse that disappeared under water, as well as the evidence or criminal elements that are of great importance in the clarification of forensic events and handing them over to the judicial authorities.

While searching for evidence under water The team, which acts with the principle that every contact leaves a trace, is ready for duty 7/24 by conducting training and exercises under water at certain periods.

They Run to Help Victims in Natural Disasters

The team, which is at the forefront of search and rescue efforts in natural disasters such as floods and avalanches, comes to the aid of the victims, and takes part in operations that require special equipment, superior physics and skills. SAK teams regularly perform exercises in real terrain and weather conditions in order to fulfill their duties in the best possible way, and within this framework, they also train in Olympic pools.

SAK teams, whose duration of stay under water varies according to the flow rate and temperature of the water, can stay under the water between 15 minutes and one hour during scuba dives in streams, ponds or icy waters. The team, which can perform search and rescue activities up to 42 meters under water, also has search and rescue capabilities in the seas if needed.

According to the scenario, they searched for bodies and evidence in the water.

SAK teams, which provided diving and search and rescue training in a pool within the body of Erzurum Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate, conducted a drill to find a person who was killed and thrown into the water as per the scenario.

Upon the instruction of SAK Team Deputy Commander Gendarmerie Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Cihan Demirhan, the teams put on their special clothes and took their equipment and dived in an area of ​​50 square meters, which is estimated to be the victim, who was thrown into a pond after being killed according to the scenario. SAK divers, who searched this area with a circular method, searched under the water, centimeter by centimeter, and found some evidence of the incident in a short time. The teams identified the evidence in the water one by one, then put the evidence in specially protected crime-proof boxes and brought it to the surface.

The teams, which recorded the crime scene with cameras equipped with the latest technology, continued their search to find the body as per the scenario.
The teams, who swam and searched in a circular manner in the area where the criminal elements were located, detected a corpse near the area where the criminal elements were thrown.

Tim, who secured this area so that the evidence would not be lost, put the body in a body bag underwater and brought it to the surface, and after a meticulous search for evidence in the same area, he left the pool and ended his training.

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