Suzuki Invites its Dealers with the Motto You Don't Know Without Testing the Smart Hybrid

Suzuki Invites its Dealers with the Motto You Don't Know Without Testing the Smart Hybrid
Suzuki Invites its Dealers with the Motto You Don't Know Without Testing the Smart Hybrid

Suzuki Turkey, which introduced its hybrid engines to the market last year, exceeded 90% of its own sales. As diesel engines lost their appeal, hybrids became the first choice of consumers. Suzuki Turkey, which is always a pioneer with its technology, started its Test Drive Days in March with the slogan “You Can't Know Without Testing the Smart Hybrid” valid in all its dealers. Suzuki puts Smart Hybrid Technology, which provides savings without sacrificing performance, to the importance of fuel economy. kazanIt is determined to provide all kinds of convenience for Turkish consumers to experience in a period of

While the world automotive market is working to catch up with the environmentalist transformation, Suzuki stands out as one of the leading brands in this field. The brand, which equipped all its models with smart hybrid technology, except for the off-road vehicle Jimny, which was sold in the Turkish market last year, achieved a hybrid sales performance of over 2021% in its total sales in our country in 90. In these days when fuel economy is the most important issue on the agenda, Suzuki aims to make users experience its Smart Hybrid Technology at authorized dealers all over Turkey with the slogan "You Can't Know Without Testing". Smart Hybrid Technology, which is lighter and less costly than traditional hybrids, both saves money and does not compromise on performance. From the Suzuki Swift Hybrid, the best-selling hybrid model in the B-Hachback class in 2021, to the Vitara, the leading Hybrid SUV in its class, it is putting all its models for test drives.

Smart Hybrid Technology: Hybrid Not Afraid of Hills

Kağan Dağtekin, CEO of Doğan Trend Automotive, representing the brand in Turkey, said, “Smart Hybrid Technology emerged due to strict regulations in Europe. While the economy features of conventional hybrid cars were at the forefront, economy and performance were optimized together in these cars. The most important difference from traditional hybrids, which are difficult to use on steep slopes in the city and on the highway, is that performance is prioritized. Thanks to the smart hybrid technology, fuel savings of up to 20% are achieved, while performance is not compromised thanks to the electric assisted turbo engine. We care that all our customers experience the difference between the Smart Hybrid and the traditional hybrid. Both technologies have their own advantages. Therefore, it is not possible for users to understand the difference between the two without trying the most suitable one for their own use. Our motto, which we have derived from our market research, is: Hybrid that is not afraid of slopes! It happened” and invited all automobile and technology lovers to Suzuki dealers.

150.000-month loan with 15% interest for 0.99 TL in Vitara Hybrit

Continuing to be Turkey's leading brand with its hybrid models, Suzuki welcomes March with a special campaign. Vitara Hybrit, which stands out with its performance in its segment, offers 150.000-month loan support with 15% interest for 0.99 TL.

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