Drivers Attention! OGS Term Ends on March 31

Drivers Attention! OGS Term Ends on March 31

Drivers Attention! OGS Term Ends on March 31

General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uralo─člu made statements about the process of removing the Automatic Transit System (OGS).

Stating that the transformation towards the abolition of the OGS system continues, Uralo─člu said, ÔÇťAll of the OGS labels were given by the relevant banks. Partitions have been opened in banks' websites and mobile applications. Our interested citizens can enter these sections or related sections and make this conversion online without going to the bank. In this last week, we expect our citizens to do these things.ÔÇŁ he said.

General Manager Uralo─člu gave information about the number of subscribers throughout the country and stated that the number of HGS subscribers was around 15 million. Adding that the number of subscribers expected to switch from OGS to HGS is around 1 million 200 thousand, Uralo─člu said: ÔÇťAs of today, approximately 30 percent; In other words, we see that around 400 thousand people perform these transactions. In the last week, we expect the remaining 800 thousand people to do this process, which takes only a few minutes. We have enough time until the evening of March 31.ÔÇŁ

Expressing that their priority is to provide better service to drivers, Uralo─člu said that with the abolition of the OGS - HGS distinction, drivers will be able to pass without having to choose a toll booth or lane. Uralo─člu continued his words as follows: ÔÇťYou go on the 3-lane road, you come across wider toll booths with 5 lanes and 6 lanes, you try to pass by by leaving your lane. We will reduce these situations, and if possible, we will eliminate them. This is what is necessary for drivers and for traffic safety. We have two systems and we communicate them with each other. If it has gone through a different box office, we take a lot of action so that it doesn't get penalized. Once we achieve this transformation, none of this will happen.ÔÇŁ

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