STM will take part in DIMDEX 2022 Exhibition to be held in Qatar

STM will take part in DIMDEX 2022 Exhibition to be held in Qatar
STM will take part in DIMDEX 2022 Exhibition to be held in Qatar

STM, one of the leading companies of the Turkish defense industry, at the DIMDEX 2022 fair to be held in Qatar; will showcase military naval platforms, tactical mini-UAV systems and cyber security capabilities.

STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc., which has played an important role in the defense industry move, where Turkey has made great progress in recent years, offers critical solutions in areas such as tactical mini UAV systems, cyber security, especially military maritime, and cyber security. STM, under the leadership of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Defense Industry Presidency (SSB), has gained experience for Turkey's needs; to friendly and allied countries through cooperation and technology transfer. kazancontinues to climb.

STM–MPAC will be exhibited in Qatar

STM will take its place in Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) 21, which will be held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, between March 23-2022, 2022, and will bring naval projects, tactical mini UAV systems and cyber security products together with the Gulf region.

STM is at DIMDEX 2022, one of the largest defense industry fairs in the Middle East; Stacked (I) Class Frigate, Marine Supply Tanker produced for Pakistan, Multi-Purpose Assault Boat STM-MPAC and tactical mini UAV systems; It will showcase ALPAGU, KARGU and TOGAN. STM will also share its integrated cyber security solutions with the participants at the fair.

STM plays a critical role in the needs of the Turkish Navy

STM conducts collaborations, technology transfer and business development activities in more than 20 countries from South America to the Far East. STM, which produces surface and submarine platforms for NATO member Turkey, which has one of the most active navies in the world, produces unique and flexible engineering solutions tailored to the needs within the scope of design, construction and modernization activities for the navies of friendly and allied countries to perform more effective missions. STM, the systems successfully used by the Turkish navy in the field; carries it abroad with high quality, cost-effective and up-to-date technology engineering solutions. With its long-term service support and locally developed weapon systems, STM; It makes a difference by opening its products and capabilities to the use of the country's navies in a way that will not be affected by the embargoes that the countries may be exposed to.

STM carries out the TCG ISTANBUL project, Turkey's first national frigate

4 MiLGEM Ada Class Corvettes, delivered by STM as the main subcontractor, are actively used by the Turkish Naval Forces. STM, which designed and is the main contractor of Turkey's first national frigate, TCG ISTANBUL, will deliver the ship in 75 with a locality rate of at least 2023%.

STM delivered the Test and Training Ship TCG UFUK (A-591), of which it is the main contractor, on January 14, 2022, with a ceremony attended by the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Another project under STM's responsibility is the Logistics Support Ship. TCG GÜNGÖR DURMUŞ (A-574), the first ship of the Logistics Support Ship Project, which was initiated in line with the logistics needs of the Turkish Naval Forces, started its duty in December 2021. The second ship of the project is UTGM. ARİF EKMEKÇİ (A-575) will be delivered in 2024. STM is also the main design contractor in the Turkish Type Assault Boat Project.

STM's new gunboat design, STM-MPAC, is designed to perform surface and air defense warfare and reconnaissance/patrol missions at high speeds.

Pioneering projects in submarine

STM also undertakes important tasks in submarine modernization and construction projects of the Turkish Navy. Having successfully completed the modernization of 2 AY Class Submarines, of which it is the main contractor, STM acts as the leading contractor in the modernization of 4 Preveze Class Submarines. STM also undertakes important tasks within the scope of the New Type Submarine with Air-Independent Propulsion System (Type-214), which will be an important stage in the implementation of Turkey's National Submarine Project. Within this framework, the head section (Section 50) containing submarine torpedo tubes, which only a limited number of countries in the world can produce, was produced for the first time in Turkey by STM. There is great interest from different geographies of the world for the company's “STM 500” small-tonnage submarine.

The choice of navies from Pakistan to Ukraine STM

In every project; STM, which cares about cost-effective, uninterrupted technical support and knowledge transfer, is signing cooperations that will improve the defense capacity of countries. STM started the Corvette Construction for the Ukrainian Navy in 2021 as part of the cooperation, which includes technology transfer. STM has built and delivered Pakistan Sea Supply Ship PNS MOAWIN, Turkey's largest tonnage military shipbuilding project designed for the Pakistan Navy, in Karachi. STM, the prime contractor for the modernization of Pakistan's Agosta 90B Khalid Class Submarines, delivered the first submarine and the other two are still operating. With these projects successfully carried out, he has gained the trust of the Pakistan Navy. kazanAn STM is also involved in the 4 Island Class Corvette Projects to be produced by Turkey for Pakistan, with its engineering capability for the supply and integration of the main propulsion system.

Tactical mini UAV systems

STM's strike and spotter UAV systems (UAV), developed with its own engineering and technology, are effectively used by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in border security, including overseas operations. The product range of STM, which produces pioneering and competitive platforms in the development of tactical mini UAVs in Turkey and in the world; Portable Fixed Wing Striker UAV System ALPAGU, Portable Rotary Wing Striker UAV System KARGU and Portable Rotary Wing Spotter UAV System TOGAN.

KARGU, which has been in the inventory of the TAF since 2018, achieved its first export success in 2021. Negotiations continue with different countries that show interest in the product. ALPAGU, on the other hand, stands out with its light structure, diving speed, low radar cross-sectional area and speed, and with its ability to cause point damage to important targets. Having completed its ammunition test shots, ALPAGU will be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces very soon.

Turkish Army's cyber security is entrusted to STM

Another strategic field of activity of STM is Cyber ​​Security. STM offers holistic services from cyber threat intelligence to decision support systems, from security of applications to determination of security levels. Turkey's first Cyber ​​Fusion Center STM Cyber ​​Fusion Center (SFM) has been playing an important role since 2016. Establishing the Cyber ​​Defense Center of the Turkish Armed Forces, STM also carries out the Information Security Project for the Cyber ​​Crimes Department of the General Directorate of Security.

STM DIMDEX 2022 Booth Information
Booth No: H5-318
Fair Information
Date: 21-23 March 2022
Location: Doha-Qatar

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