State Incentives Promotion Days Started in Gaziantep

State Incentives Promotion Days Started in Gaziantep
State Incentives Promotion Days Started in Gaziantep

Evren Başar, Vice President of Communications: “We want to introduce our youth, what kind of contributions the state can make while they are building their future and careers.”

“Government Incentives Promotion Days” organized by the Presidency of Communications for young people in 12 provinces started in Gaziantep.

The "Government Incentives Promotion Days", the first of which was held in Ankara on 9-12 December in order to bring young people together with public institutions, was organized in 12 provinces with the slogan "Your Future is Here, The State Is With You" upon great interest.

Young people showed great interest in the event, which was started in Gaziantep after Ankara and organized at the Middle East Fair Center.

Under the coordination of the Directorate of Communications, the organization brought together the representatives of university students who want to choose their goals, plan their careers or become entrepreneurs with the State Incentives Promotion Days, and the representatives of public institutions and organizations that provide them with grants and support.

Invitation to young people

Presidential Communications Vice President Evren Başar told reporters that they were in Gaziantep on the second leg of the organization and that Communications Director Fahrettin Altun brought his greetings to the youth.

Noting that almost all ministries and some public institutions took part in the meeting, Vice President of Communication Başar said, “Our young people listen to any opportunity such as support, incentives, grants, scholarships, internships from experts. We want to introduce what kind of contributions the state can make to our young people as they build their future and careers.” he said.

Başar, Vice President of Communications, stated that the organization will continue tomorrow and invited all young people living in Gaziantep and the surrounding provinces to participate in the event.

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, on the other hand, stated that there was an intense participation and emphasized that the young people met with their interlocutors thanks to the organization.

Thanking those who contributed to the organization, Gül said, “There is an effort beyond effort here. We see that happiness in the eyes of our young people. From now on, our young people who visit this place will encounter more opportunities.” said.

It will be held in 11 more cities

Promotion days, where young people are informed about financial supports such as scholarships, grants, funds, loans, internship programs they need, and project supports in the international arena, by making promotions at the stands of public institutions, contribute to the young people's discovery and development of their talents, economy, education, culture, art. It aims to inform and correctly guide young people about support in all fields such as science, health and sports.

The organization will be held in Konya, Antalya, Adana, Kayseri, Malatya, Samsun, Diyarbakır, Van, İzmir, İstanbul and Eskişehir after Gaziantep.

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