Snow Alarm in Istanbul! Metrobus will work 24 hours, metros will work until 02.00:XNUMX

Snow Alarm in Istanbul! Metrobus will work 24 hours, metros will work until 02.00:XNUMX
Snow Alarm in Istanbul! Metrobus will work 24 hours, metros will work until 02.00:XNUMX

As of Wednesday, March 9, a cold wave of Siberian origin and heavy snowfall are expected in Istanbul. Governor Ali Yerlikaya and President at AFAD Ekrem İmamoğluAt the meeting held with the participation of , it was decided that all institutions in Istanbul should coordinate and fight together. In the meeting at AKOM, the preparations for combating snow were completed by the IMM and the Governor's Office.

Istanbul is preparing to come under the influence of the cold air wave originating from Siberia. With the system, which is expected to enter through the Black Sea, it is estimated that the temperatures will decrease to 0°C and below as of Wednesday evening, and there will be heavy snowfall transitions from place to place throughout the province. Since the strong (40-70 km/h) northerly winds will be fed with moisture as they pass over the Black Sea, it is predicted that the snowfall, which will be effective for 4-5 days, may create snow thicknesses close to the precipitation experienced in January.


Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya and Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) at AFAD (Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency) Hasdal Campus Ekrem İmamoğlu“Snow Combat Preparation Meeting” was held with the participation of . District governors, mayors, regional and provincial directors also took part in the meeting. At the meeting, where the measures related to the expected snowfall were evaluated, the decision of joint coordination and struggle was made.


Deputy Governor of Istanbul Yaşar Aksanyar, Provincial Director of AFAD Gökhan Yılmaz, IMM Deputy Secretary Generals Murat Yazıcı, Arif Gürkan Alpay and Pelin Alpkökin, as well as heads of departments, general managers and managers attended the second meeting chaired by IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar at AKOM.

IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar stated that they determined the road map together with AFAD and said, “We are working meticulously in snow-fighting efforts, as we have a large part of the road network, vehicle and manpower, and responsibility. Hopefully, we are expecting an uneventful and fruitful snowfall," he said.

Deputy Governor Yaşar Aksanyar also drew attention to the importance of working together to provide better services to citizens in case of being stuck in traffic in addition to the measures taken.


As of Wednesday morning, IMM will go into an alarm state and start snow-fighting activities under the coordination of AKOM. 4023 vehicles - construction equipment and 2.000 personnel will work on the 9.500 km road network in Istanbul. While all vehicles are being maintained and repaired, 27 mobile repair vehicles will be kept ready in the field. Snow shoveling and salting teams will quickly intervene against negativities at 465 intervention points. 220 thousand tons of salt and 64 tanks (1.290 tons) of solution are kept ready to open the roads. In case of need, 25 tons of solution per hour can also be produced.


Teams will carry out their work in line with the messages from BEUS (Ice Early Warning System) established at 60 points throughout Istanbul. Tracking and guiding the teams will be provided through the vehicle tracking system.

Towing and rescue vehicles will be kept ready on the main arterial and connection roads under the responsibility of IMM, and will quickly intervene in traffic accidents and stays on the road. Village roads will be kept open with tractors with shoveling apparatus under the control of headmen. With the salt left at critical points, overpasses, bus stops, snow puddles and icing in the squares will be intervened.


Every precaution was taken to prevent disruption of public transportation. Metrobus will work 24 hours during the snowfall, and the metros will work until 02.00:XNUMX at night. on City Lines KadıköyFlights on main lines such as Karaköy, Beşiktaş-Üsküdar will continue until midnight on Wednesday and Thursday. IETT buses will continue their normal voyages without interruption. It is planned to make 5300 thousand daily trips with a total of 54 vehicles. Additional flights will be added to busy lines. Lines parallel to the rail system will be directed to the nearest metro integrated station. Transportation in the main arteries will be provided via rail systems and metrobus. Disruptions that may occur in public transportation due to weather conditions will be announced instantly on social media. ISPARK's indoor car parks will continue to provide uninterrupted service. Serving with 600 citizen representatives, 153 Solution Centers will instantly convey the demands of Istanbulites to the units.


In heavy snowfalls, hot drinks, soup and water will be served to drivers waiting in traffic at mobile kiosks, emergency services of hospitals, piers and roads. Halk Ekmek will continue to operate at full capacity for 24 hours.

Under the coordination of the IMM Darülaceze Directorate, homeless citizens will be hosted in the facilities according to the weather conditions in the winter period. homeless citizens; bathing, shaving, clothing, hot food and shelter, health screening and medication support, delivery to family or sending to hometown, etc. services will be provided.

The services of the Veterinary Services Directorate for the feeding and treatment of stray animals will be increased in winter conditions. Food support will be provided for stray stray animals that have difficulty in finding food in remote areas of the city. Daily distribution of 2 tons of dry food with high nutritional value will continue.

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