Gözay, General Manager of SF Trade: 'Women Add Power to Production and Economy'

Gözay, General Manager of SF Trade, 'Women Add Power to Production and Economy'
Gözay, General Manager of SF Trade, 'Women Add Power to Production and Economy'

Stating that the responsibility of individuals has increased in today's economic conditions and that women are successful in every aspect in the business world, SF Trade General Manager Aylin Gözay said that as SF Trade, they support female employee employment.

Stating that they provide service with a wide range of leather and textile products, Aylin Gözay said, “Our priority is to support women with the goal of an order in which there is no discriminatory perspective towards female employees in business life. Sustainable economic growth; We believe that it is possible with women who contribute to production.” and underlined the importance they attach to women's employment.

With a process starting from the education of girls, women's business life kazanEmphasizing the importance of empowering the economy, Gözay also emphasized that the production sector stands out for economic development and that the presence of women at all levels of business life is a vital element.


Aylin Gözay, General Manager of SF Trade, said that half of the 2021% increase in employment in 16 consisted of women.

Explaining that the employment rate of women within SF Trade is 56 percent, Aylin Gözay said, “We offer solution partnerships to international companies in the leather and textile industry, both in Turkey and abroad. We make use of all the possibilities of technology. Most of our products also require intensive use of human labor. Being aware of the importance of female employee employment, 56 percent of all our employees; 68 percent of white-collar workers are women. 65% of our senior management, including myself, consists of women. Women add strength to us because they are much more meticulous, attentive and responsible in business life. Moreover, since they embrace their work and are suitable for teamwork, they offer a peaceful working environment with their motherly aspects. SF Trade runs like a family. We have teammates who have been with us since the day we were founded. We are aware that the strengthening of the economy depends on production, so we believe in the future of our country and continue our work together. As a company, we always stand by our employees.”


Pointing out that as SF Trade, they produce in 4 different sectors, Gözay gave the following information: “SF Trade started its operations in 2003 on baby product groups. In a short time, it continued its development by adding medical textiles, protective sports equipment and automotive logistics covers to its product range. While growing on the technical textile side; With the investment we made in leather apparel production in 2009, we started to produce bags for the world's leading luxury brands. We continue to progress in different sectors by including new product groups in our production.”

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