Sakarya Metropolitan's Bicycle Path Target 500 Kilometers

Sakarya Metropolitan's Bicycle Path Target 500 Kilometers
Sakarya Metropolitan's Bicycle Path Target 500 Kilometers

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the distance of the bicycle path in Sakarya to 112 kilometers with an intense work, is expanding the 'bicycle master plan' prepared to promote the use of bicycles and to put this culture in the center of the city, with new ideas and practices, and discusses the ideas of all stakeholders.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce new projects on bicycles and work to spread this culture. The Department of Transportation and the newly established Bicycle Branch Directorate started a new project to promote the use of bicycles and to offer new opportunities to citizens at this point. Those responsible for the work on bicycles come together with stakeholders in all districts and discuss new ideas. A team of experts is working day and night to reach the target of 112 kilometers in Sakarya, whose bicycle path is currently 500 kilometers long, and to implement different projects and applications in the meantime.

Common idea for the bike

The last meeting was held at AKOM. In the meeting, bicycle projects planned to be implemented in Sakarya center and districts were discussed. Important consultations were held for the construction of bicycle paths, which are planned to cover the entire city. Representatives of the Bicycle Paths Construction, Maintenance, Repair and Operation Branch Office are conducting a detailed study for a wider and more comfortable bicycle transportation. In addition, applications and new techniques that can be put into action in the digital environment and on the field were discussed.

“We are making the bicycle master plan with our stakeholders”

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, "We continue to produce in Sakarya, which is one of the few cities that has been declared a 'bicycle city' by the World Cycling Union (UCI), in order to publish the use of bicycles with the projects we produce, to place the bicycle at the center of our lives and to increase this rate in order to have a healthy life. we will. With Let's Pedal the Black Sea and many similar projects, we will leave traces of bicycles in every corner of this city. With the aim of increasing our 112 kilometers of bicycle path to 500 kilometers, we wish to undertake studies that can be called a first in the world and in Turkey in cycling. We had a productive meeting with our stakeholders on the bicycle master plan, good luck.”

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