President Erdogan Attends Antalya Diplomacy Forum

President Erdogan Attends Antalya Diplomacy Forum
President Erdogan Attends Antalya Diplomacy Forum

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

Here are some headlines from Erdogan's speech:

“Despite the epidemic conditions last year, we successfully held the first meeting of the Antalya Diplomacy Forum. I believe that the messages of peace, dialogue and solidarity we gave from Antalya in a painful period when all humanity is struggling with a health crisis add a very different meaning to the forum. The favor shown to the 2nd Antalya Diplomacy Forum indicates that our wish that the forum will turn into a ground where the heart of global diplomacy beats in time will turn into reality in a short time.

The fact that the first high-level contact between the two countries after the crisis in Russia and Ukraine took place here at the level of foreign ministers shows that the forum has begun to achieve its purpose.

The heads of state and government participating in the forum consider the strong dialogue between country representatives and other guests as important as their contributions to the sessions, and also welcomes the intense interest of our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, to the forum. As an international event, I believe that it will continue on its path with determination.

Distinguished guests, dear friends, as our world prepares to leave behind the first quarter of the 21st century, humanity's longing for global peace, tranquility and prosperity is increasing.

Despite all the progress in science, technology, agriculture, industry, communication and transportation opportunities, I see that we have not yet resolved our basic issues as humanity.

Terrorism; hunger, poverty, injustice between continents, hot conflicts and wars, environmental disasters caused by climate change, unfortunately, are at the top of the global agenda. As economies grow, skyscrapers rise, some people's wallets swell, certain countries get richer day by day, statistics paint a picture of a more prosperous world for us, unfortunately, children continue to starve right next to us.

The “hunger virus” costs more lives than the corona virus. A child dies every second on earth because he cannot find a bite of bread and a sip of water. Millions of people are forced to leave their homes due to instability and conflicts.

I would like to share some striking figures with you. Since 2014 alone, the blue waters of the Mediterranean have been the graves of nearly 25 thousand hope travelers. The number of refugees worldwide has more than doubled, reaching 2 million.

More than 15 million Ukrainian refugees were added to this number in 2 days. It is understood that the number of people will increase even more in the coming period.

Currently, 1 billion people struggle to survive on less than two dollars a day. In fact, each of them alone is sufficient to show the injustice we are facing.

We live in this world where hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry every day. Let's face it, the lasting peace, tranquility and stability we dream of cannot be established in such a world.

No one can feel safe in an equation where new wars cannot be prevented and even the conflicts that have lasted for decades cannot be resolved.

In today's world, when the world has turned into a huge village, no matter where we live, none of us can say what to me from someone else.

We should know that every fire we can't put out, every conflict we can't stop, every problem we can't prevent, every problem we don't address will eventually affect us and burn us too.

We have witnessed this bitter truth many times, not in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, let alone in Arakan and many other crisis regions. Millions of civilians, mostly women and children, lost their lives in these conflict areas.

We are still paying the price of negligence in all of these crisis regions, which are sometimes ignored for geographical and sometimes cultural reasons, not only by those responsible, but also as humanity.

Dear friends, for those who do not take lessons from these and do not share the story, it is a repetition. Since it is not taken, not only history is repeated, but also in pain. The Ukraine issue stands before us as the latest example of this truth.

First of all, I would like to underline one point here. Turkey is both a Mediterranean and a Black Sea country. Ukraine and Russia are our neighbors and friends from the Black Sea. We regret that the crisis between our neighbors has turned into a hot conflict.

The escalation of the tension and its evolution to this stage disturbed us the most. We can never be exposed to aggressive acts against the sovereignty of a country that is our neighbor.

We, as Turkey, have expressed our clear stance on Crimea on every occasion since 2014, taking illegitimate steps that disregard Ukraine's territorial integrity, especially the illegal annexation of Crimea. We have made it clear on all grounds. We have always kept this issue on the agenda in all our meetings, both with the Russian Federation and our Ukrainian friends.

If the whole West had made a sound against the invasion in 2014, would it be faced with today's picture? Those who remained silent about the invasion are now saying something.

Well, justice is valid in a certain part of this earth, and invalid in another part. What kind of world is this? Unfortunately, the international community did not show the necessary sensitivity to correct this injustice and it was left alone in the rightful case of Ukraine to provide the necessary support.

Today, it faces the devastating and painful consequences of problems that can be solved with a diploma if strong will is displayed.

Our sadness grows exponentially as we see civilians leaving their homes, children full of fear and anxiety, innocents dying in cities with money.

A 2,5-year-old baby is in her mother's lap with tears in her mother's eyes, I saw that the baby started to lick its mother's tears. On the one hand, he wipes his mother's tears, on the other hand, is this what will happen to this painting? Why such a world? Is that what we are for?

He also hits his father, who is a police officer, on his helmet. Is the duty of that policeman to stop the crying of his baby? Or to prevent terrorism? So, I say to all our friends who are watching us in this current society on their screens, that together we have to establish a world of peace.

We are of the opinion that pouring gasoline into the war will not benefit anyone. While supporting the legitimate struggle, any further steps that will harm this struggle must be avoided.

Fascist practices against people of Russian origin living in their country and Russian culture are never acceptable. An orchestra conductor is dismissed because Putin's friend is Putin's friend.

On the other hand, you are looking at another European country, where the works of the world-famous Russian culture publications were banned in the country.

That doesn't happen. Neither democracy nor diplomacy nor humanity deserves them. We, as Turkey, are making great efforts to prevent many casualties and to re-establish peace and stability in our region. Our hope is that moderation and common sense will prevail and the weapons will be silenced as soon as possible.

A friend we talked to today said that a SİHA has landed in our country, and that means these weapons are hitting the country that has nothing to do with the audience today.

In this direction, we carried out an intense diploma traffic that started from the pre-crisis period and continued until today. Negotiations with 25, 30 leaders continue. Likewise, our foreign minister's friends had meetings, we continue.

As in all our meetings, we will share our solution offers with our interlocutors in our contacts today and tomorrow.

We will continue to make every effort, including the use of the powers granted to our country by the Montreux Convention.

Distinguished guests, while focusing on current problems, we should not lose sight of the main reasons that reveal, enlarge and make them inextricable.

Behind many of the issues I have outlined here is the established order established after the Second World War. It is obvious that the current security architecture, which prioritizes the interests of the 5 victorious states, does not and cannot meet today's needs.

It has been revealed that this system, which leaves the fate of 193 member states of the United Nations to the mercy of 5 permanent members of the Security Council, has much larger deficits and structural problems beyond its distortion.

One of the conflicting parties has veto power. When he became a permanent member, the problem was that the job creation role of the Security Council was in vain, and the system went bankrupt.

Since the resolutions taken at the United Nations General Assembly are not binding, no steps have been taken to end the conflicts.

Think 14, 15 or 1 members of the 2 members voted against, could they get it? I do not understand. That would be justice. The point is, I say that now we draw attention to this aspect of the system by saying that the world is bigger than five for a long time to diagnose a just world. We have always said that it should be reformed according to today's conditions.

However, even though the flaws of the system are known, since those holding the veto power do not want to share the power, it is very funny to ignore the reform demands and give temporary membership without the right to veto.

It was tried to cover up the structural problems of the system through membership. Countries like us, which do not hesitate to shout loudly what they think are right, want to be silenced unjustly and unjustly. When we say that the world is bigger than five, we are not only making a demand for ourselves, but also trying to support the rights of all humanity, the rights of our nation, and the common interests of all humanity. The events we have experienced have shown us how accurate and accurate our determinations and proposals are.

In the coming period, we will increasingly continue our efforts to reform the United Nations.

The system that leaves the fate of 193 member countries of the United Nations at the mercy of five countries is an unjust system and must be deformed again.

As Turkey, we need not only a strong will, but also a new paradigm in diplomacy in order to realize the projects we pioneered in the international arena.

We believe that our approach to diplomacy needs to be changed and reconsidered in the light of the experiences that have been transformed.

In addition to the ability to solve problems in diplomacy, it should also be utilized in preventing tensions in preventing problems. The primary task of diplomacy should not be to establish peace, but to establish peace and stability. It's about being involved in a timely manner before the problems sprout.

Otherwise, it is inevitable that costs will increase, time and energy will be lost, and suffering and cruelty will deepen. This is what it was necessary for us to develop a proactive entrepreneurial and innovative diploma approach together without rejecting the accumulation of the past and the years of good experience.

In this context, our very accurate efforts will guide us in determining the theme of the forum as re-establishing diplomacy. We know that there are good and successful examples as well as a rich treasure from the past. I believe that you should benefit from examples such as the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, the Alliance of Civilizations, the European Union, and the African Union.

In this context, it is very accurate to determine the theme of the forum as reconstructing diplomacy. I believe that you should benefit from examples such as the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, the Alliance of Civilizations, the European Union and the African Union. I believe that the presentations to be made will open new horizons for us.

I hope that the second Antalya Diploma Forum, where critical issues related to our region and the world will be discussed, will lead to new expansions, new proposals and the emergence of new ideas on diplomas.”

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