Night Night Kemeraltı Run

Night Night Kemeraltı Run
Night Night Kemeraltı Run

The "Night Night Kemeraltı Run" was organized as part of the 8 March International Women's Day events, prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan "A Equal and Fair World with Women in All Areas of Life". Meeting at the Agora Ancient City to draw attention to gender equality, approximately 7 people from İzmir passed through the streets of Kemeraltı and completed the course in the Orange Garden in Konak.

Increasing the sports excitement on the streets of İzmir with organizations such as Marathonİzmir, International September 9 Half Marathon, Kubilay Road Run, Valentine's Day Run, Duathlonİzmir and the Longest Night Run, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality drew attention to gender equality with sports this time with the race it organized for 8 March International Women's Day. .

Neptün Soyer, wife of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, participated in the March 8 run that started in front of the Agora Ancient City. Karşıyaka Öznur Tugay, the wife of Mayor Cemil Tugay, is a member of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council and CHP Group. SözcüGender Equality Commission Chairman Nilay Kökkılınç, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, representatives of non-governmental organizations, women's rights activists, academics, artists and nearly a thousand İzmir residents.

Everyone from 7 to 70 is on the March 8 run

Women and men, from 8 to 7, who wanted to draw attention to gender equality, showed great interest in the March 70 race. At 20.00, Neptün Soyer, Öznur Tugay and Nilay Kökkılınç started the run with their horns and participated in the marathon. Participants followed the track in the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar over Havra Street and completed the four-kilometer track until the Orange Garden in Konak.

Kemeraltı Bazaar came to life with whistles and lights

The runners, who witnessed a different history in each street, colored the historical bazaar with illuminated costumes, whistles, whistles, slogans and songs. All those who participated in the race at the finish line were presented with medals with the inscription "8 March Women's Day Run" in memory of the day. After the run, songs were sung in unison, accompanied by live music in the Orange Garden.

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