YÖKDİL Exam Results Announced! ÖSYM Login YÖKDİL Results 2022 Inquiry Screen!

no language exam results inquiry
no language exam results inquiry

YÖKDİL exam results are made available by ÖSYM. The results of the YÖKDİL exam held on March 13, 2022 were announced by ÖSYM. Candidates will be able to learn the results of YÖKDİL through ÖSYM's address: sonc.osym.gov.tr. Here, read this news for YÖKDİL results 2022 inquiry screen!

YÖKDİL exam results have been announced. The results of the YÖKDİL exam, organized by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center Presidency, and attended by those who need foreign language scores in postgraduate education, are now available. Candidates taking the exam can submit their YÖKDİL results to ÖSYM. http://sonuc.osym.gov.tr/ page and ÖSYM AİS mobile application.

In the statement made by OSYM President Halis Aygün: “The results of 13-YÖKDİL/2022, which we realized on March 1, have been announced. your results http://sonuc.osym.gov.tr/ You can learn from our page and from our OSYM AIS mobile application.” it was said. YÖKDİL results, ÖSYM http://sonuc.osym.gov.tr/ It can be learned from the internet address with TR ID numbers and candidate passwords.


Candidates can register their exam results with their TR ID numbers and passwords and the “ÖSYM”https://sonuc.osym.gov.tr” will be able to learn from the internet address or mobile applications. Results will not be sent to candidates.

Result information/announcements announced on the website are in the form of notification to the candidates. Relevant public institutions and organizations can receive the result information of the candidates via the web service if they apply to our Center officially.

The exam/placement results of the candidates who have changed their registered credentials in the ÖSYM Candidate Processing System are not rearranged according to the changed credentials. ÖSYM put into service the "Result Certificate Control System" process to ensure the verification of the exam result documents for the candidates. To be used for this purpose, a "Result Certificate Control Code" randomly generated by the system is printed at the bottom of the Exam Result Documents. The processing in question https://sonuc.osym.gov.tr It can be accessed from the Result Document Control System page.


The scores obtained from YÖKDİL are valid for 5 (five) years as of the date of the exam. Therefore, the scores obtained from the 2022-YÖKDİL/1 and YÖKDİL/2 exams can be used until 2027.

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