National Intelligence Organization Announced its 2021 Annual Report

National Intelligence Organization Announced its 2021 Annual Report
National Intelligence Organization Announced its 2021 Annual Report

The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) 2021 annual report was shared on the official website. Annual Report shared with the public; It was stated that it was prepared on the basis of an approach that considers transparency, accountability and responsibility in the public.

In the "Presentation" section of the Annual Report, the President of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Dr. Hakan Fidan's statements took place. Hakan Fidan emphasized "intelligent power" in the multi-layered security system,

“The Presidency of the National Intelligence Organization, within the framework of the duties and powers given to it by the State Intelligence Services and MIT Law No. 2937, the existing and external attacks directed against the existence, integrity, independence, security, constitutional order and all elements of the national power of the Republic of Turkey. continues to carry out its duties and activities with determination to eliminate possible threats.

In 2021, with the coronavirus pandemic, regional and global alliances gain more importance against threats that are tested in political, economic and social fields and diversified in terms of quality and quantity. kazanThere has been a process in which social events accelerated in many countries. Regional conflict areas and related tensions remained.

While transnational problems such as coronavirus and climate change require cooperation in the global arena, the difficulties and rivalries faced by countries in political, social and financial fields have played a role in shaping the power struggle.

In addition to the classical threats, new threat areas emerge with the evolution and change of these threats. For example, accelerating hypersonic missile tests, developing cyber technology, competition in space, cyber attacks, new risk areas brought by virtual reality and far-right movements came to the fore in 2021.

In 2021, the National Intelligence Organization has shown its reflex to take the necessary pre-emptive steps in the face of these threats, with a global understanding and awareness that change must be continuous. As the organization, successful works have been carried out against the changing and transforming global threats in many fields and issues in line with the supreme interests of our state, and it has been given importance that the top level of our state reach accurate information on time. In this context, current and strategic intelligence compilation activities, which are among the main duties of the Organization, continued throughout the year.

In addition, within the scope of the authority and responsibility given by the Law, active tasks were undertaken in the conflict zones in line with the interests of our country with different capabilities developed in 2021, the efficiency in the field of foreign intelligence was increased, and "target-oriented point operations" were carried out against threats.

The National Intelligence Organization continued to work within the framework of the principle of combating terrorism at its source. As a result of the cross-border operations against the PKK/KCK leadership, the organization's operational capability was limited in 2021 and its action capacity was reduced. Efforts to decipher FETÖ/PDY's secret communication methods, private structures, activities abroad and black propaganda attempts aimed at wearing down our country continued uninterruptedly. The global struggle against radical organizations was adopted, the action attempts of these organizations were identified and prevented, their structures were deciphered and their activities were interrupted.

In the field of countering intelligence, espionage activities targeting our country have been exposed, the work of many countries towards other countries has been revealed, and agent networks have been destroyed.

Technical intelligence has been made the main component of all studies. With the studies carried out on cyber security, studies have been carried out to protect the infrastructures of our institutions and to resist cyber attacks.

The National Intelligence Organization, which is responsible for a wide range of areas from security intelligence to foreign intelligence, from counterintelligence to technical intelligence, acts as an intelligent organization in order to fulfill all these duties in harmony. In this context, our Organization takes care to continuously improve its staff, working methods, physical and technical equipment. As a matter of fact, the Organization proudly carried out all its work in 2021 by using different talents and disciplines together, creating new units within its body, applying new methods it developed against evolving threats, and developing new capabilities with trainings.

The National Intelligence Organization, which pays the utmost attention to inter-agency coordination in its work, coordinated many intelligence matters and carried out many joint operations. With its intelligence diplomacy studies, it has prepared the necessary ground for the steps to be taken within the framework of the interests of our state.

Under the leadership of our Honorable President, the successful work of our Organization, which has been developing its strategic and technical capacity day by day and has assumed a globally respected structure, has also brought the expectations of our nation to the highest level. In this context, as the Organization, we aim to produce game-changing strategies, develop and apply new methods and capabilities in the field of intelligence, combine efficient techniques in the world with our existing capabilities, and adapt to change quickly and flexibly.

We are determined to fulfill our duties by developing hybrid methods, with the awareness that our country has to fight many threats simultaneously and to follow a multi-dimensional strategy in security and foreign policy, due to the strategic importance of its geography and its strengthening. With the fact that we are one step ahead of our competitors when a mind and understanding is developed that will surround them, we attach importance to the methodology of increasing the level of preparedness of our state by developing a strategic view against threats.

The 2021 Annual Report of the Presidency of the National Intelligence Organization, prepared in accordance with the relevant legislation, reveals that MIT uses its resources effectively and efficiently in the performance of the tasks it undertakes, depending on its increased intelligence capacity. Activity report; It has been prepared on the basis of an approach that considers transparency, accountability, understanding and responsibility in the public.

One of the deep-rooted institutions of our state, the National Intelligence Organization has been one of the leading guards of our country's independence and integrity in every period of its nearly century-old history.

In the next period, the National Intelligence Organization will continue to work with the utmost care and sensitivity, with all its resources and possibilities, in order to protect the national security and interests of our country.

It is essential to have the "intelligent power" to use the hard and soft power elements in a balanced way in the face of the multi-layered security system in the world and the accompanying risks. At this point, the National Intelligence Organization, which is the institution responsible for state intelligence in our country; It will continue to play a critical role in the creation of a "smart power" by our state, thanks to intelligence gathering, operational capability and intelligence diplomacy.

The members of the organization will continue to serve the country without hesitation in the duties assigned by our state, as secret heroes who have committed themselves to high morals and are ready to reach the rank of martyrdom for the sake of the country without blinking their eyes when necessary. On this occasion, I would like to commemorate our heroic martyrs who lost their lives in the course of their duties, and thank all my friends who put forth their self-sacrificing efforts.” statements were included.


The financial information of the organization was also included in the 2021 Activity Report of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT). MIT's 2020 budget was published in the Official Gazette dated 31.12.2020 and numbered 31351 (1st repeated).

In this context, MIT's initial appropriation for 2021 was 2.628.749.000,00 TL, and as a result of the transactions realized during the year, the total appropriation was 3.115.407.886,77 TL and the total expenditure was,65 TL.


“The Presidency of the National Intelligence Organization intends to increase its capabilities and capacity in order to properly fulfill the duties assigned to it within the scope of the legislation. In this context, it acts with the principle of using its resources effectively and efficiently in its works, and it is considered that the 2021 annual report confirms this effort.” it was said.

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