Mental Health Problems Can Disrupt Nutritional Balance

Mental Health Problems Can Disrupt Nutritional Balance
Mental Health Problems Can Disrupt Nutritional Balance

Pointing out the relationship between eating disorders, obesity and mental health, experts state that problems such as depression, anxiety and stress can disrupt the nutritional balance.

Noting that diet, sports and psychological support should be considered together in the weight problem, experts said, “Steps should be taken to solve the problem with a balanced program. When necessary, surgery helps to lose weight. said.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. A. Murat Koca evaluated the relationship between mental health, obesity and eating disorders.

Mental health can affect eating habits

Noting that everything in our life is based on a balance, and if there are deviations in this balance, undesirable situations may arise. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “The interaction between our mental health and weight gain and loss has always been on the agenda. Irregular and unbalanced nutrition, eating disorders, being underweight or overweight, obesity and obesity are all affected by our mental state. Situations such as stress, extreme happiness, depression can take away our control over eating and we can start eating irregular and unbalanced diets without realizing it.” said.

Kiss. Dr. A. Murat Koca said that in addition to the cultural structure of the society, the education, socioeconomic status, gender, age and culinary culture of the person guide people's weight and always interact with the mental state of the person.

Eating control may disappear

Expressing that psychological problems can push people to eat more, Op. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “People who are overweight may be more affected by this situation and become more introverted, lacking in self-confidence and depressed over time. As a result, when the control of eating is lost, excessive and uncontrolled eating disease occurs. When obesity occurs, all health problems gradually begin to block life. Like a double-edged sword, when the balance between mood and eating is disrupted, one of two conditions, such as obesity or anorexia, may occur.” warned.

A vicious cycle can occur

Stating that some psychiatric drugs used without doctor control or unconsciously can also affect weight, Op. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “There may be weight gain or excessive weight loss. Obesity and mental state trigger each other so much that it eventually becomes a vicious circle. When the weight increases, this time psychological problems increase, when the problem increases, more food is eaten; If this cycle is not broken, inextricable situations occur at the end. When weight and obesity-related diseases are added, the quality of life begins to decrease and depression deepens.” he said.

If necessary, surgery can be resorted to.

Kiss. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “Diet, sports and psychological support should be considered together and steps should be taken to solve the problem with a balanced program. When necessary, it helps to lose weight with the help of surgery.” said.

Emphasizing that foods such as sweets, which are in the carbohydrate group, give pleasure and happiness to the person, they cause weight gain. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “In addition, nutritional problems and extreme thinness that may occur as a result of stress and anxiety disorder are also a separate link between nutrition and psychological state. Both obesity and nutritional disorders are linked to a person's psychological state.” warned.

Close support is important

Emphasizing that detailed information should be obtained from the relatives of the patient in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, Op. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “Eating habits, changes in appetite and weight, and lifestyle should be examined in detail. Not only the patient, but also his relatives and assistants should be informed and educated in detail about the treatment process. Defects in nutrition should be corrected and training should be given to make balanced and regular nutrition a part of their lives. In a balanced diet, adequate and regular intake of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals should be ensured. gave advice.

Emphasizing that carbohydrates form the main food source of the brain thanks to glucose, Op. Dr. A. Murat Koca, “Carbohydrate intake imbalance affects mood. Health problems and delays in recovery may occur in a protein-only diet. Serotonin levels are affected and mood is also affected.” said.

Vitamin deficiencies can also cause problems.

Expressing that when anemia occurs as a result of iron deficiency in the body, a state of reluctance and fatigue occurs. Dr. A. Murat Koca said, “This situation can also make a person more introverted. Even if the person is vegetarian or vegan, he should learn what foods he should eat and balance his blood values. In addition, excessive use should be avoided as tea affects the absorption of iron. Vitamin C should also be taken in addition to iron support in the treatment. Vitamin B deficiencies can also cause reluctance, fatigue and nervous system sensitivities and negatively affect the psychology of the person. It can cause the formation or increase of stress and depressive states.

Depression and stress disrupt the nutritional balance

Noting that vegetarians and vegans should pay more attention to the intake of B vitamins, NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. A. Murat Koca concluded his words as follows:

“They should be careful not to have a deficiency by taking B vitamins in a balanced way. In addition, the psychological state is closely related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS is more common in those with psychological disorders. Follow-up with a good diet program should be arranged in the person with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Depression, anxiety, stress situations cause problems by disrupting the nutritional balance. Therefore, it may be necessary to give importance to mental health and seek treatment at this point. Good mental health and nutritional balance are essential for a healthier life. Only in this way, obesity and anorexia can be avoided and a quality life can be led with a healthier weight, away from health problems.”

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