Robot Competition Will Be the First National Social Event of MEB in 2 Years

Robot Competition Will Be the First National Social Event of MEB in 2 Years
Robot Competition Will Be the First National Social Event of MEB in 2 Years

After the Ministry of National Education allowed social events to be held in 19 provinces with the start of the new era in Kovid-81 measures, it will organize the 14th MEB International Robot Competition for the first time on a national scale.

The Ministry of National Education has suspended social activities in schools for 19 years within the scope of Kovid-2 measures. In the letter sent to the provinces following the start of the new era in Kovid-2 measures on March 19, the Ministry reported that social events will be allowed by taking measures in accordance with the rules and principles determined by the schools to keep the course of the epidemic under control. In this context, the first social event to be held by the Ministry of National Education after 2 years will be the Ministry of National Education International Robot Competition.

MEB will race robots at "zero point in history"

The 14th edition of the competition, which is held in a different city every year in cooperation with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), the Turkish Technology Foundation and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, has been planned in Şanlıurfa for 2 years, but has been postponed due to the epidemic.

This year, the competition will be held in 2020 categories on 12-13 June with the theme of "Göbeklitepe", which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as determined in 16, and which is called the "zero point of history" with its 12 thousand-year history, and the slogan "Ahican is at the zero point of history".

This year's pre-qualification will be held for the first time.

Within the framework of the "Vocational and Technical Education Cooperation Protocol" signed between the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education of the Ministry of National Education and ACROME Robotik Mekatronik Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, the pre-qualification condition was introduced for the competition this year in order to ensure that the sense of competition and the coding skills of the students reach the highest level. Accordingly, for the first time to determine the students who can compete in 6 categories with the highest participation: line follower (basic level), line follower (advanced level), line follower (fast level), unmanned aerial vehicle (mini drone), mini sumo and maze master. The pre-selection will be held with the “Virtual Robot Competition” on the “” platform.

Applications for the competition will be made at the address "". A minimum level of spectators will be accepted for the national competition within the scope of epidemic measures, or the competition will be held without an audience. Applications for the competition will begin on March 7th. The deadline for applications has been set as April 6 for the 17 categories to be pre-selected, and May 22 for the categories that will not be pre-selected. Information about the competition, in which middle school, high school and higher education students can participate, can be followed at "".

To date, 18 thousand 141 robots have been developed

Since the day it started in 2007, 25 students and advisors have participated in the MEB Robot Competition at an international level. The students developed 504 thousand 132 robots from the first competition that started with 18 robots to the last competition. The 141th MEB International Robot Competition, held in 2017, was held with 12 robots from 11 countries. 2 institutions applied with 834 robots for the 2019th edition of the competition held in Samsun in 13. More than 879 thousand people participated in the competition in which 3 countries took part with 849 teams.

International Robot Contests are aimed at increasing the quality of vocational and technical education, raising awareness in the society on this issue, raising secondary school, high school and university students as entrepreneurs and competitive individuals who can transform the knowledge they have acquired in their education into skills, develop products, think scientifically, introduce and exhibit industrial and technological developments. with the aim of sharing their experiences.

“The first big social event we announced in the new period”

In his evaluation of the robot competition, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer reminded that they have allowed the social events that they have been taking a break in schools for the last 19 years, within the scope of Kovid-2 measures.

In this context, Özer stated that the robot competition they will organize in Şanlıurfa this year is the first big social event they have announced, and said: “Here, our students will exhibit the robots they will develop technologically in a 3-month period. We welcome the participation of students from all over Turkey. Two years ago, we could not hold the competition, which will be held with the theme of 'Göbeklitepe' at the zero point of history and the slogan of 'Ahican at the zero point of history'. We expect a large turnout this year. A group to be determined from the teams that follow the fast line, compete in the design, run and egg collection categories in the competition will be entitled to participate in TEKNOFEST events.”

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