İzmir is Ready for 8 March International Women's Day

İzmir is Ready for 8 March International Women's Day
İzmir is Ready for 8 March International Women's Day

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a six-day program for 8 March International Women's Day. The series of events between March 4 and 9 with the slogan of “A Fair and Equal World with Women in All Fields of Life” will start tomorrow with the Women's Labor Exhibition and Sales Market, where the stands of the cooperatives will take place at the Historical Coal Gas Factory.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerA six-day event program was planned for March 8, International Women's Day, in line with the "women-friendly city" vision of . Within the scope of the program, which was prepared with the slogan of "An Equal and Fair World with Women in All Areas of Life", it is aimed to draw attention to women's labor and the role of women in production. Within the scope of the series of events that will last between 4 and 9 March, there is a full program from production workshops to exhibitions, from night jogs to Gulf tours, concerts and theaters.

First event Women's Labor Exhibition and Sales Market

There will be stands of women's cooperatives in the Women's Labor Exhibition and Sales Market, which can be visited at the Historical Coal Gas Factory between 4-6 March. The workshop tents of the ANAHTAR Women's Studies Holistic Service Center, which was established in the Ornekkoy Social Projects Campus as a center for common life and solidarity to increase women's participation in social life, will also be open for three days at the Historical Coal Gas Factory. Experts in their fields will come together with the participants in Vocational Training and Hobby Workshop, Gender Equality Workshop, Education and Psycho-Social Counseling, Sports and Art Workshop and Children's Play Tent. “4 Years Younger” Meeting with Ülkümen Rodoplu on March 14.00 at 10, social media phenomenon Ece Dündar at 15.00, ANAHTAR women's theater group on March 5 at 16.00, and SEFTİT Ürkmez women on March 6 theater and concerts.

Workshops will also be organized as part of the workshop.

On Saturday, March 5, there is a workshop “Towards the İzmir Gender Equality Summit” between 12.30-17.00 at the Historical Coal Gas Factory. Within the scope of the workshop, which will be held as a closed group activity, there will be workshops starting from 14.00. In addition, theatrical guest artists will perform with the theme of gender equality.

There is also a night run.

On Sunday, March 6, at 20.00:8, a special run is organized for March XNUMX, International Women's Day. The race, which will start in front of the Agora Ancient City, will end in the Orange Garden in Konak. The runners will have the opportunity to run in the cultural richness of the Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar on the four-kilometer track designed as the “Amusement Run”. The number of participants in the organization, which is open not only to women but to everyone, was limited to one thousand people. Participants register http://www.maratonizmir.org You can do it from the official website. After the run, there will be entertainment accompanied by live music.

88 female voices meet

On Monday, March 7, at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM), “Women of the Republic Sing in Izmir! There will be a choir event called “The World Is Listening”. With the cooperation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Tülay Aktaş Voluntary Organizations Force Union and Belgian Turkish Women's Association, 88 amateur female voices will meet with art lovers in commemoration of the 88th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's granting the right to vote and be elected to Turkish women. Ümit Bulut will be the artistic director of the concert, where feminine songs, folk songs, tangos, waltzes and marches will be performed.

Izmir Star awards will be given

The Izmir Star Award Ceremony, where the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality awards examples of good practices for the prevention of all forms of violence and discrimination against women, will be held on Tuesday, March 8 at 19.30 at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. After the award ceremony, there is the Farewell Songs concert. Ahmet Selçuk İlkan, Bora Gencer, Fatih Erkoç, Gökhan Güney, Işın Karaca, İlham Gencer, Keremcem, Tayfun, Toprak Sergen, Yeşim Salkım, Yonca Evcimik and Zeynep Dizdar will meet with the people of İzmir.

Gulf tour for women

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will also make the women of Izmir experience the pleasure of the Gulf on March 8, International Women's Day. There will also be a live music concert during the Gulf tour to be made with the nostalgic Bergama Ferry, a 70-year veteran of the Gulf. The ferry will depart from Üçkuyular Ferry Port on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. The free gulf tour organized by İZDENİZ will be between 14.00-16.00. In order to join the ship, which will sail with a total capacity of 175 people, a reservation is required by calling the number "320 00 35".

Purple Shalwar

On Wednesday, March 9, the Mor Shalvar theater play will be staged at Kültürpark İzmir Sanat. Written by Ferhat Lüleci and directed by Ufuk Aşar, the Mor Shalvar play, which was awarded the Erhan Gökgücü Playwriting Award, the first of which was held in 2021, will be staged by İzmir City Theater actors.

Entrepreneurship will be discussed

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Urban Economy and Innovative Industries Branch Directorate organizes "Belgium İzmir Businesswomen Meeting" in cooperation with İZIKAD (İzmir Business Women's Association) and Turkey-Brussels Region Economy and Trade Counseling Office. The panel, which will be held on March 8 at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center Small Hall, between 09.30:12.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, will include sessions on "state incentives for women entrepreneurs", "women's leadership and aspects" and "intercultural women's entrepreneurship".

"Ghost Violence"

Metin Ünsal's exhibition “Ghost Violence” will meet with art lovers between 3-31 March at İzmir Sanat. In the week of March 8, an important date in the struggle of women who have been subjected to violence and discrimination, the exhibition consisting of paintings, sculptures and space arrangements expressing the layers of pain created by violence in the souls can also be visited at Gallery A in Alsancak between 4 March and 2 April.

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