Czech Republic Opportunity for Construction Materials Export

Czech Republic Opportunity for Construction Materials Export

Czech Republic Opportunity for Construction Materials Export

Visiting the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Czech Istanbul Consul General Jiri Cistecky stated that the Russia-Ukraine war disrupted the construction materials supply processes in Czechia, and said that Turkish companies could make up for the deficiency in the sector.

Continuing its efforts for the Bursa business world to establish global collaborations, BTSO hosted Czech Consul General in Istanbul Jiri Cistecky and Czech Republic Economic Relations Consul General in Istanbul Rene Danek. The delegation was welcomed by BTSO Board Members Yüksel Taşdemir and Haşim Kılıç and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt. During the visit, joint studies and cooperation opportunities with the aim of developing trade between Turkey and Czechia were evaluated.


BTSO Board Member Yüksel Taşdemir said that they are ready to provide all kinds of support for the development of commercial relations between Turkey and Czechia. Stating that despite the pandemic process, the trade volume between the two countries approached 4 billion dollars last year, Taşdemir said, “I believe that we can easily reach our goal of 5 billion dollars trade volume in the coming period. Czechia is one of the important markets for our business world with its stable and reliable economy as well as its strategic geographical location in Central Europe. Bursa and Czechia have similar aspects in terms of industrial production. We have many common areas for economic cooperation, especially in the automotive, machinery and textile sectors. As BTSO management, we are ready to take the necessary steps to bring the companies of the two countries together and to realize trade and investment opportunities.” said.


BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt said that BTSO is Turkey's largest chamber of commerce and industry with nearly 50 thousand members. Expressing that as BTSO, they are trying to establish close relations with foreign mission representatives in Turkey, especially ambassadors and consulates, in order to open new trade doors to companies, Şenyurt also gave information about the trade between Bursa and Czechia. Saying that there are more than 450 companies exporting from Bursa to Czechia, Şenyurt added that the trade volume between Bursa and Czechia is close to 350 million dollars.


Czech Consul General in Istanbul Jiri Cistecky emphasized that they see Turkey as an important political and economic partner. Stating that companies in Czechia are willing to invest in Turkey, Consul General Cistecky informed that the Czech Trade Minister is planning to make an official visit to Turkey this year. Cistecky shared that Czech business people will come to Turkey together with the Minister of Commerce and said, “We want to turn this visit into an important opportunity to improve our cooperation. That's why we came to Bursa. Bursa has very ambitious players in many sectors such as automotive, textile and machinery. In addition to these sectors, we can improve our cooperation with companies from Bursa in the field of information and communication.” said.


Expressing that Czechia is a strong industrial country, Jiri Cistecky emphasized that the country has a strong production tradition. Stating that they have a say especially in the machinery manufacturing industry, Consul General Cistecky noted that the automotive industry also has an important place in the Czech economy. Reminding that the country was an important textile producer for Europe in the past, Cistecky continued his speech as follows: “However, this situation has changed now. We focused on machine production in textile. We think that we have a strong cooperation potential here with Bursa. On the other hand, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, our two most important suppliers in the building and construction materials sector, our companies turned to different searches. We can cooperate with Turkey for the supply of construction and building materials.”

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