Turkey's First DUAL Pan&Tilt System from Gürbağ

Turkey's First DUAL Pan&Tilt System from Gürbağ

Turkey's First DUAL Pan&Tilt System from Gürbağ

Gürbağ Defense and Technology AŞ, which started its activities in Ankara under the umbrella of Gürbağ Group in the last quarter of 2020; continues its efforts to produce solutions for the national engineering needs of the defense industry and technology sector. For this purpose, in addition to the R&D office, the company put into service the factory with a closed area of ​​2022 m1500 in the Ankara Ostim Organized Industrial Zone in the first quarter of 2. Activating the assembly line and production line with the establishment of the factory, Gürbağ Defense will quickly respond to the mechanical and electromechanical needs of the Turkish Defense Industry.

Gurbag Defense and Technology, together with the factory, to the GSPT Pan&Tilt family; added DUAL, which can carry a high-capacity payload with its lug structure, and thanks to its fixed middle hollow shaft, an independent Pan&Tilt integration is provided on it, thus offering a structure suitable for complex systems. Tests of DUAL, the first product of the series, have been started in Gürbağ Defense and Technology factory, and developments such as serial stabilizer and 4-axis are continuing. Produced by Gürbağ Defense and Technology, this Pan&Tilt is the first in Turkey.

Gürbağ Defense and Technology

Gürbağ Defense and Technology adopts a customer and efficiency-oriented production approach in order to make maximum contribution to domestic and national production. In this way, it continues to work uninterruptedly to offer the most suitable and quality products to its business partners in the defense and technology sector by expanding its customer portfolio.

The most important aim of Gürbağ Defense and Technology, which carries out its R&D activities in the technology development region, is to contribute to Turkey's defense and technology development with an innovative approach. The company, which develops domestic and national intermediary systems and aims to produce substitute products for the products imported by the locomotive companies of the defense industry and to reduce imported items, is expanding its staff day by day in terms of personnel employment.

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