Green Light from Erdogan for Minimum Wage Increase

2022 Minimum Wage Clarified? What Will the Minimum Wage Be in 2022? Offers Announced
2022 Minimum Wage Clarified? What Will the Minimum Wage Be in 2022? Offers Announced

Even though there was a high increase in the minimum wage at the beginning of 2022, the salary of the minimum wage worker had officially started to melt after the high prices. Citizens began to put forward their demands for the reorganization of the minimum wage.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not remain silent to these demands and gave the green light to the minimum wage regulation. Moreover, it became clear how much the new minimum wage could be. Here, all the curious details about the new minimum wage regulation are in this news! In addition to the market hikes in recent months, high electricity bills brought the minimum wage workers to the brink of rebellion, so to speak.

Millions of citizens were demanding new regulations on the basis of minimum wage. Finally, President Erdogan expressed a positive opinion on the subject. Here is the last minute minimum wage decision announced by Erdogan.

Millions of citizens, who were adversely affected in terms of health during the coronavirus period, continue to experience economic difficulties due to high inflation values. Citizens, especially those who are trying to make a living with minimum wage, state that their salaries have almost melted after the increase in the new year. Recently, President Erdoğan personally gave the green light regarding the new minimum wage hike decision.

What Will Be the New Minimum Wage?

As the criticisms towards the minimum wage began to emerge, new steps began to come from the government. Stating that many arrangements will be made regarding salaries, Erdoğan did not neglect to give the green light on the minimum wage. President Erdoğan said, “A new regulation can be made in the middle of the year. The parties and the government consider the inflation values ​​and we can implement new regulations according to the situation. If there is such a demand from our citizens, we will certainly do our best. Especially we do not withhold any detail from our workers.'' He said.

How Much Will The New Minimum Wage Amount Be?

When a positive statement came from Erdogan regarding the minimum wage, eyes were turned to how much the salaries could be. Experts said that the 2022-month inflation values ​​of 6 can be taken as a basis for the new minimum wage amount. Accordingly, if a change is made in the middle of the year for the new minimum wage rate, there may be an increase of around 20 percent. In this case, experts stated that the new minimum wage could be increased to 850 liras, with an increase of 5.100 liras as of July. Nowadays, millions of citizens have begun to look forward to the introduction of the minimum wage through the new tariffs after July.

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