Good Sleep is a Condition for a Healthy Life

Good Sleep is a Condition for a Healthy Life
Good Sleep is a Condition for a Healthy Life

Although sleep is considered as a time when we only rest for some of us, it has a significant effect on the quality of life. People who do not sleep enough or well feel tired and mentally unwell during the day, have attention problems, and become more aggressive. Saying that quality sleep is indispensable for our health, one of the experts of, Uzm. Dr. Ayşegül Daldal talks about the health benefits of sleep.

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. The duration of sleep, which is defined as a reversible state in which there is no or minimal response to environmental stimuli, varies from person to person, and it is known that this period varies between 4-11 hours. The majority of the population in Turkey sleeps for 7-8 hours. Stating that sleep is a multidimensional, active state and that there are two characteristic phases of normal sleep, experts, Uzm. Dr. Ayşegül Daldal describes these stages as follows: “NREM sleep is also expressed as quiet sleep, slow sleep. NREM sleep is divided into three phases. Stage 1 is a transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep. Light sleep is also called napping. Stage 2 is the slightly deeper stage of sleep. Stage 3 deep sleep is called slow wave sleep. REM sleep is the period of rapid eye movement sleep. In REM sleep, no muscle movement is observed, except for some important skeletal muscles, such as respiratory muscles, along with rapid eye movements. Rapid eye movements are the only characteristic of this stage of sleep. There is high brain activity in this phase. Dreams occur during the REM period, and when the person is awakened during this period, they can describe their dreams down to the smallest detail. The regular succession of sleep phases throughout the night is expressed as sleep structuring, the sleep cycle.

Decreased deep sleep leads to developmental delay in children

The NREM and REM stages of sleep have many effects on our health. Underlining that the third stage of NREM sleep is the sleep stage that allows us to be physically rested the next day, Uzm. Dr. Daldal states that at this stage, at least 3 percent of sex hormones such as growth hormone, which takes on the task of regulating the fat metabolism in the body in adulthood, and testosterone and progesterone, which are effective in regulating sexual functions in both men and women, are secreted within 24 hours while providing growth in children. exp. Dr. Daldal points out that a decrease in deep NREM sleep for any reason may cause growth and developmental retardation in children, while an increase in subcutaneous adipose tissue in adults may cause obesity. REM sleep plays a role in programming genetic memory. In REM sleep, which is thought to be the period that provides spiritual rest, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure increase and become irregular.

It is impossible to live without sleep

Studies have shown that people with chronic insomnia have more impairment in their daily functioning, family relationships, social life, are more depressed, are exposed to more work or traffic accidents, loss of attention, decrease in concentration and problem-solving abilities than people who do not have this problem. It is known that they experience more cognitive problems such as difficulty in establishing a result relationship. Reminding that sleep is an indispensable necessity like eating, drinking and breathing, one of the experts of, Uzm. Dr. Daldal said, “Sleep is one of the most important needs of the organism. Just as it is not possible to live without hunger and water, it is also impossible to live without sleep. In sleep deprivation experiments, symptoms such as tension, irritability, not knowing the time, daydreaming, stuttering, and inability to understand spoken words appear after 3 days. Later, there are tremors in the hands, burning and pain in the body, and visual disturbances. It is very important to know the importance of sufficient time and quality sleep for the development and maintenance of our physical and mental functions, and to apply to a sleep center for sleep disorders.

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