Flash Statement on Sugar Prices from the Ministry of Agriculture!

Flash Statement on Sugar Prices from the Ministry of Agriculture!
Flash Statement on Sugar Prices from the Ministry of Agriculture!

It is known that there is an increasing trend in the input costs of the food industry in the world and in our country, which started with the pandemic process and continued with the Russia-Ukraine war.

On the other hand, in addition to this visible reason, it is seen that some speculative movements in the market cause very high price increases.

As it will be remembered, the speculations made in sunflower oil in the past days had exposed our citizens to supplying them at speculative prices.

Our Ministry has prevented market manipulations with the measures it has taken in this regard and the information provided at the right time, and has always shown that it stands by its citizens.

Currently, there is a similar speculative movement in the market for sugar and sunflower oil as well.

Turkey has 2020 thousand tons of sugar reserves from the 2021-400 production period. In the 2021-2022 production period, the total volume reached 2.5 million tons with 2.9 million tons of sugar production.

Therefore, considering that the annual sugar need of our country is 2.7 million tons, we have 200 thousand tons of excess sugar production.

With our production amount in the new season, there will be no problems with sugar supply in our country.

Our Ministry has all kinds of opportunities to prevent some sugar producer companies from trying to supply the market with goods far above their costs and from resorting to stockpiling. As it was before, it will immediately take the necessary measures in this regard and put them into practice.

In this context, with the Shelf Price Guaranteed (RFG) system implemented by Türkşeker, the final consumer can reach sugar at affordable prices. However, it is known that manufacturing companies have some difficulties in sugar supply.

Our Ministry made the necessary warnings to sugar producing companies, and as a result, some companies in the private sector reduced their sugar sack prices from 800 TL to 575 TL.

If these prices do not become permanent, our ministry will take the necessary measures to keep the market in balance and ensure that the producer companies supply sugar at an affordable cost.

Türkşeker will quickly supply the sugar in its hands to all manufacturers, especially small producers, before the month of Ramadan, taking into account the capacity reports.

With this application, they will supply sugar at affordable prices not only to the final consumer, but also to the manufacturing companies.

Our Ministry will continue to stand by our citizens, producers and consumers, as it has been before.

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