Elect Technology Supports and Advances the Features of Electric Cars

Elect Technology Supports and Advances the Features of Electric Cars
Elect Technology Supports and Advances the Features of Electric Cars

Pirelli's P Zero Elect tires will be the original equipment of the famous German automaker BMW's new all-electric SUV, the xDrive50 version of the BMW iX, as well as the sportier M60 model.

P Zero Elect tires will be available for the BMW iX xDrive50 version in sizes 255/50R21 109Y XL and 275/40R22 107Y XL. Tires in size 275/40R22 107Y XL will also be used on the sportier M60 version of the German SUV. An asterisk on the sidewall of all tires indicates that they were developed specifically for BMW as part of Pirelli's 'perfect fit' philosophy. Among the developed tires is the 22-inch BMW iX tire, which offers more grip than the other two and was created for maximum performance. On the sidewall of this tire, there is an "I" with an asterisk.

Pirelli's presence as original equipment for the latest generation of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles continues to grow with the Italian company's recent homologations for tires equipped with the Elect technology package. Elect tires, such as the P Zero developed for the fully electric series of the German automaker, not only offer superior driving comfort by suppressing road noise, but also stand out with their features such as instant grip, long range and safety level. Pirelli's intensive development process for the BMW iX highlights the Italian company's commitment to designing special tires for electric cars, BEV and plug-in hybrid vehicles. These products are created from the very beginning to support and further the unique characteristics of electric cars, as indicated by the 'Elect' mark on the sidewall of the tire.

Tires with superior battery range

Developed for the BMW iX, Pirelli P Zero Elect tires focus on low rolling resistance so that the car can drive more kilometers after charging. This feature is documented by the "A" rating on the European tire label, allowing the driver to use the car with full performance.

The tire's unique profile also affects mileage, thanks to its superior aerodynamics compared to the standard P Zero. The outer profile has been modified so that the tire protrudes less from the sides of the vehicle, thereby reducing aerodynamic turbulence while not sacrificing adequate rim protection. The 'printed' letters that stand out on the sidewall of the tire are also created by carving lightly into the sidewall instead of embossed.

silence and comfort

Special attention is paid to offering more comfort to BMW iX drivers with Pirelli P Zero Elect tires with PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancellation System) technology that reduces road noise. PNCS technology contains a special sponge-like sound-absorbing material placed inside the tire. This material suppresses acoustic vibrations transmitted to the vehicle and reduces road noise. An optimal level of driving safety is ensured in all traffic conditions, thanks to the tire construction optimized to support the serious weight of this all-electric zero-emissions car.

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