EGO Metro Book Station is 1 Year Old

EGO Metro Book Station is 1 Year Old

EGO Metro Book Station is 1 Year Old

The "EGO Metro Book Station", which was introduced to the people of the Capital last year, completed its first year. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate opened the "EGO Metro Book Station", a mini library model, on March 9, 2021 in order to make the time spent by the citizens during their subway journeys productive, to increase their reading habits and to make the books more accessible.

At K─▒z─▒lay Metro Station, ÔÇťTake and Leave!ÔÇŁ The interest in the ÔÇťEGO Metro Book StationÔÇŁ, which was put into service with the slogan, is quite intense. As of March 48, there are 2022 books in the mini-library opened with 4238 books. 2886 books were given to our citizens in one year. Zeliha Kaya, Metro Support Services Branch Manager, stated that they received many book donations from the citizens and that they could not fit the books they received in the warehouse because they could not fit them in the space they used: ÔÇťEGO Metro Book Station is preferred by our citizens in the advanced age group rather than the young. History books and world classics attract more attention," he said. Pointing out that 99 percent of the books in the mini-library are brought by the citizens, Kaya added that the students bring their textbooks and the students who need them buy these books.

Citizens donate books with suitcases

Emphasizing that citizens are very sensitive to books, Kaya said, ÔÇťWe have citizens who bring books in suitcases. Our citizens, who have too many books to carry, reach us by phone. We go and pick them up from their house. This interest of the citizens makes us very happy.ÔÇŁ

Referring to the sanctions they impose on our citizens who do not return the borrowed book even though the reading period has expired, Kaya said, ÔÇťWe want our citizens who delayed the delivery period by one month to bring another book. Our citizens are also very satisfied with this application. Some of our citizens even bring two or three books instead of one.ÔÇŁ said.

EGO General Directorate continues its efforts to open libraries at other stations with suitable areas, as the mini-library attracts great attention.

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