Eco-friendly Olympic Flame to Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games

Eco-Friendly Olympic Flame in Zhangjiakou
Eco-Friendly Olympic Flame in Zhangjiakou

The torch-lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games was held at Zhangjiakou Chuangba Park this morning. After the hydrogen-fueled fire device installed in the park was lit, the Paralympic torch was brought to the field and lit, and a short-range fire relay was made immediately after.

A total of 15 torch makers participated in the torch run and the delivery distance was approximately 1,4 kilometers.

According to the information received, this time hydrogen was used as the fuel of the Paralympic fire, adhering to the concept of green and sustainable development. Intelligent and environmentally friendly technologies were applied in the design of hydrogen energy equipment, and art and technology were deeply combined.

Zhangjiakou Chuangba Park is an important platform for the city of Zhangjiakou to take over Beijing's extra-capital functions.

Besides, Zhangjiakou became the model for the implementation of the carbon summit and carbon neutral target and the creation of a hydrogen energy industrial zone.

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