Enjoying Snow at Denizli Ski Center

Enjoying Snow at Denizli Ski Center

Enjoying Snow at Denizli Ski Center

Denizli Ski Center, which is the second white paradise of the city after Pamukkale, continues to host its guests from all over Turkey. Mayor Osman Zolan, who shared the snow pleasure of the citizens with his wife Berrin Zolan at the weekend, witnessed the beauty of Denizli Ski Center from the sky by paragliding.

Denizli Ski Center, one of the most important projects implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to host its guests from all over Turkey, especially Denizli and the Aegean Region. Denizli Ski Center, which is one of the most preferred places for winter sports, hosts amateur and professional skiers as well as citizens who want to meet with snow from 4 to 7 with its Alpine snow quality. Taking advantage of the nice weather at the weekend, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan and his wife Berrin Zolan also visited the ski resort. President Zolan and his wife, Berrin Zolan, who shared the joy of the snow of the citizens, were welcomed here with displays of affection. The Zolan couple, who stated that they were very pleased with Denizli Ski Center, took lots of souvenir photos with the citizens and then went to the M70 summit by chairlift. Mayor Zolan witnessed the beauty of Denizli Ski Center from the sky by paragliding accompanied by an instructor.

Not only Denizli's but also Aegean's ski resort

President Osman Zolan stated that they are extremely pleased with the intense interest in Denizli Ski Center. Emphasizing that the facility is not only the ski center of Denizli but also of the Aegean, Mayor Zolan said, “Denizli Ski Center is still capable of skiing in terms of snow thickness and snow quality at the end of March, and there is no problem in the use of our tracks. Denizli Ski Center is in the eighth place in the snow thickness ranking of the ski resorts in Turkey, which was published a few days ago. Currently, temperatures in Denizli have started to rise above 20 degrees, but it is still possible to ski here. Our guests who come here both sunbathe and have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of skiing together with the snow. I invite all my compatriots, ski lovers. Our season continues," he said.

“We are smiling because of the rains”

Stating that they experienced the beauties of a season with heavy rain, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “We are smiling because of the rains this year. Our Denizli Ski Center also got its share from these rains. Our guests from many cities have a great time here with their spouses, children and friends. Denizli Ski Center suits our Denizli. Denizli Ski Center is actually the ski center of the Aegean. It is a good thing that we built Denizli Ski Center”.

Metropolitan Alpine Ski Races were held

On the other hand, Mayor Osman Zolan and his wife Berrin Zolan watched the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Alpine Ski Races held in Denizli Ski Center and wished success to the athletes competing in the competitions. Mayor Zolan followed the races closely for a while. In the competitions where 43 licensed athletes from Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor, Youth Services Sports Club, Champion Ski Academy Sports Club and Nikados Sports Club, operating in Denizli, presented their medals to the athletes who ranked in their categories, President Osman Zolan presented the medals to the 4 clubs competing in the organization with the "Memoir" in memory of the day. He gave the cup.

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