Chinese Taykonauts Lecture Live from Space

Chinese Taykonauts Lecture Live from Space
Chinese Taykonauts Lecture Live from Space

The taikonaut team working at the Tiangong (Sky Palace) space station established by China in Earth orbit gave a live lesson to the students in the country for the second time yesterday.

The second lecture given from the Tiangong Space Station was also the third space lecture conducted by the Chinese taikonauts.

The team, consisting of Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu, introduced the students to some of the scientific facilities, living and working spaces on the space station.

During the 45-minute lecture, the taikonauts vividly demonstrated the "ice and snow" experiment in microgravity, the liquid bridge demonstration experiment, the water-oil separation experiment, and the space parabolic experiment, explaining the scientific principles behind the experimental phenomena.

Chinese taikonauts communicated with students in 3 classrooms in the capital Beijing, the center of Tibet Autonomous Region Lasa and Urumqi, the center of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, via video link.

Students in the classroom at the Science and Technology Museum of China in Beijing are following the online lesson for the second time from the Tiangong Space Station. Students in Urumqi watch the liquid bridge demonstration experiment demonstrated by taikonaut Wang Yaping. Students at the Tibetan Museum of Natural Sciences in Lasa city ask questions of the taikonauts.

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