Daimler Truck Invests in Battery Electric and Hydrogen Technology

Daimler Truck Invests in Battery Electric and Hydrogen Technology
Daimler Truck Invests in Battery Electric and Hydrogen Technology

Having clearly defined its strategic direction for the technology to be used for a carbon-neutral future, Daimler Truck has announced that it will follow a "two-pronged" strategy to electrify its product portfolio with both battery electric and hydrogen-based propulsion systems. In the background of this strategy, there is a wide variety of applications and tasks related to trucks.

Hydrogen-based propulsion systems are seen as a suitable solution especially for demanding and flexible applications in heavy-duty transportation and long-haul applications. This applies to both conventional and electric trucks. Not wanting to compromise on the suitability, tonnage and range of their trucks for daily use, transport companies make their purchasing decisions wisely based on the total cost of ownership. Daimler Truck, which constantly renews its products in line with customer expectations, continues to offer its customers the most suitable vehicle solutions for all applications.

More than 40 states have implemented comprehensive hydrogen action plans

More than 40 governments around the world have implemented comprehensive hydrogen action plans. On the basis of these action plans; In the long run, there is the understanding that only hydrogen, as a storable energy, can provide a stable and fully renewable power source. There are also many applications that can only be decarburized with hydrogen. This sign, which clearly shows that the energy system of the future will be based on hydrogen, has led many global companies to make extensive announcements. Experts expect 2020 billion Euros to be invested in hydrogen production, transport and infrastructure in the 100s.

Daimler Truck develops next-generation liquid hydrogen refueling technology together with Linde

Daimler Truck has been developing the next generation of liquid hydrogen refueling technology for fuel cell trucks together with Linde for some time now. With this cooperation, the partners aim to make hydrogen supply as easy and practical as possible.

Daimler Truck also plans to cooperate with Shell, BP and TotalEnergies for the infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations on important transportation routes in Europe. In addition, Daimler Truck, IVECO, Linde, OMV, Shell, TotalEnergies and the Volvo Group have pledged to cooperate to create favorable conditions for the mass market introduction of hydrogen trucks under H2Accelerate (H2A).

Daimler Truck establishes a joint venture called “cellcentric” for hydrogen-based fuel cells

Together with the Volvo Group, Daimler Truck resolutely continues its work on hydrogen-based fuel cells. The two companies formed a joint venture called “cellcentric” in 2021. Aiming to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of fuel cell systems, cellcentric plans to establish one of the largest mass production facilities in Europe by 2025 in line with this goal.

Daimler Truck continues to expand its product portfolio

Mass production of the battery-electric bus Mercedes-Benz eCitaro has been going on since 2018, and the battery-electric truck Mercedes-Benz eActros has been in serial production since 2021. Daimler Truck will start mass production of the battery-electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic this year. The company is quickly preparing its other tools for the change in this regard.

In hydrogen vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 truck fuel cell prototype has been subjected to intensive testing both on the in-house test track and on public roads since last year. The development target of the vehicle, which is expected to go on sale in 2027, is to reach a range of 1.000 km or more in mass production.

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