Ronaldo, Partner of CZN Burak's Restaurant to Open in London

Ronaldo, Partner of CZN Burak's Restaurant to Open in London

Ronaldo, Partner of CZN Burak's Restaurant to Open in London

The owner of the restaurant chain, Turkish Chef Burak ├ľzdemir (CZN Burak), announced that the partner of the restaurant, which they are preparing to open in London, the capital of England, in November, is the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The New Generation Digital Entrepreneurship Meetings, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to create a roadmap for entrepreneurs who want to take part in digital markets, were held at Merinos Atat├╝rk Congress and Culture Center with intense participation. TOBB Turkey E-Commerce Council Consultant Adnan Akg├╝n and Digital Marketing Specialist Mustafa S├Ânmezay, Digital Entrepreneurship and New Generation Business Areas, Turkey's Entrepreneurship Map, Project and Idea Development, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce, E-export, Digital Marketing, He informed young entrepreneurs on issues such as Legal Regulations and Company Establishment. In the second part of the program, Mehmet Metin Okur, founder of Sefamerve, one of the important Turkish brands of the digital market, and restaurant chain owner Burak ├ľzdemir (CZN Burak), who has become a social media phenomenon, talked about the path to success with examples from their own experiences.

ÔÇťWe are opening a joint space with RonaldoÔÇŁ

Burak ├ľzdemir, who was reported to the public that he received a partnership offer from Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid, where he went as the guest of La Liga last year, announced to his followers from Bursa that they would open a joint restaurant in London with the famous football player. Stating that they have become an important Turkish brand in 11 countries during his interview, ├ľzdemir said, ÔÇťWe are opening our place in England in the 11th month of this year. We are opening a joint space with Cristiano Ronaldo in London. We don't explain it too much. Because we were going to make a nice surprise at the opening. But there are no strangers among us, we are all together.ÔÇŁ These statements of ├ľzdemir received a lot of applause from his followers who filled the hall.

birthday on stage

Meanwhile, Burak ├ľzdemir had a birthday surprise on the stage towards the end of his presentation. Celebrating his birthday on stage, ├ľzdemir cut the birthday cake with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Akta┼č. Meanwhile, ├ľzdemir displayed his skills in the kitchen at the stand created in the open area in Merinos Park, where the event was held. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Akta┼č also wore an apron and accompanied CZN Burak. President Akta┼č showed CZN Burak, with whom they were chopping onions, how to make cand─▒k, a local flavor of Bursa, in practice. CZN Burak, who tasted the cooked custard afterwards, was amazed by the taste. CZN Burak, who also tasted the milk halva unique to Bursa, said, ÔÇťI ate both for the first time. It's really delicious. I am now an honorary Bursa citizen,ÔÇŁ he said.

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