Consume Cinnamon Rice Pudding Against Stress!

Consume Cinnamon Rice Pudding Against Stress!
Consume Cinnamon Rice Pudding Against Stress!

Dietitian Yasin Ayyıldız gave important information about the subject. With the pandemic, mood changes and stress increase in our lives. In these periods, depending on the stress, the person looks for items to relax and be happy. One of the most important of these is food. The saying that foods are associated with happiness stems from the content of foods. Studies show that when fruits and vegetables are consumed in large quantities, they feel calm, happier and more energetic than other individuals. When sweets with high carbohydrate content are consumed excessively, an improvement in mood can be observed, while obesity comes with it.

When the individual consumes certain foods or exercises, he or she feels happier and more positive. The amount of serotonin contained in some foods makes the person feel happy when they consume that food. The synthesis of serotonin in the brain depends on the presence of tryptophan. Nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds; pumpkin and sunflower seeds; Grains such as wheat, rice and corn are rich in tryptophan.

When the person frequently consumes chocolates with high saturated fat content and sweets with high calorie syrup so that the hormone of happiness is secreted, possible health problems prevent happiness.

Therefore, the search for healthy sweets arises. When cinnamon and milk are combined, the indispensable dessert of diets emerges. The trio of milk high in serotonin, rice rich in tryptophan and cinnamon that balances blood sugar are combined in one dessert.

Cinnamon contains polyphenols, coumarin, calcium, chromium, copper, zinc. It has a strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiallergic effects. Prosyadin type A polymers contained in cinnamon can be used to prevent diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

  • Lowering fasting blood sugar
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • It is among the benefits of lowering the level of HbA1C.

Rice pudding has a relationship with happiness. In stressful times, you can consume rice pudding with low calories and high vitamin and mineral content.

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