Chinese BYD Aims To Dethrone Tesla Model 3 With Its New Model Seal

Cinli BYD Aims To Dethrone Tesla Model With Its New Model Seal
Cinli BYD Aims To Dethrone Tesla Model With Its New Model Seal

📩 25/03/2022 17:40

Until a few years ago, Tesla was almost alone in the electric vehicle market; the number of his rivals did not exceed the fingers of one hand. This period is now history; because, with the encouragement of the public authority, which has hardened its environmental norms with the aim of eliminating gasoline-powered cars, many manufacturers have started to operate in this segment.

Now, especially Chinese new players have started to appear in the said market. In this context, BYD, a company specialized in the field of batteries, has turned its way to automobile production since 2003. The company, which offers a remarkable product range to the domestic market, is now driving a sedan model that will directly rival Tesla Model 3 under the name of “BYD Seal”.

The aforementioned model has not yet entered the European market; however, it would not be surprising if, after a while, it tends to export to this continent, just as MG or Lynk&Co. did. If it comes, it is inevitable that it will attract the attention of European customers with its modern and attractive lines.

At the moment, three variants of the model are offered to potential buyers. The first two of them are 204 and 313 horsepower with engine thrust; the third must be four-wheel drive. The capacity of the battery and the autonomous distance have not been announced yet, but it is certain that information on this subject will be announced very soon. It was announced that the selling price of the electric sedan will be 31 yuan, the equivalent of 500 euros. This seems like a relatively competitive price that might appeal to many customers. Tesla Model 220, which it claims to be its rival, is sold at a price of 3 thousand yuan in China, which corresponds to about 290 thousand euros.

Source: China International Radio

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