BTSO Energy Efficiency Center Saved 14,3 Million Liras

BTSO Energy Efficiency Center Saved 14,3 Million Liras
BTSO Energy Efficiency Center Saved 14,3 Million Liras

With the efforts of the Energy Efficiency Center (EVM), which has been operating for 7 years within the body of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), 14 million 338 thousand liras were saved in the last year alone. The center, which was established in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone (DOSAB) in 2015, enables industrial enterprises to carry out their activities with less energy consumption without reducing quality and efficiency.

The center, which is authorized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and has an accredited Energy Efficiency Measurement Laboratory, guides businesses in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency, which has become increasingly important recently. Experts who carry out detailed energy audits in factories complete efficiency measurements on all energy-consuming equipment and report the results. Analyzing the precautionary options that can be applied with their technical and economic dimensions, the experts inform the company officials about the findings and recommendations, the type and amount of energy to be saved, the anticipated amount of expenditure, and the payback periods. With the prepared roadmap, necessary applications are put into action to eliminate energy wastes, losses and inefficiencies in facilities and equipment.


BTSO EVM, which has conducted efficiency studies in dozens of businesses in various provinces since its establishment, provided significant advantages to businesses in different sectors, especially automotive, textile and chemistry, with its energy efficiency studies in 2021. Efficiency equivalent to 4 million 270 thousand 202 tons of oil last year kazan14 million 338 thousand lira financial savings were achieved. In the same period, 12 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were also reduced. As a result of the examinations carried out in a textile factory that preferred to take advantage of the center, 722 leak points were determined. This factory prevented 61 thousand 363 kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption per year, and a savings of 679 thousand liras was achieved per year. In this way, 405 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year were prevented. The company allocated only 200 thousand liras for these works.


BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay said that they aim to realize both digital and green transformation, which is described as "twin transformation" in Bursa, in terms of maintaining competitiveness in trade with the European Union (EU). Emphasizing that the immune systems of enterprises should be strengthened in order to be prepared for this, Burkay said: “The energy management and lean process efficiency applications designed by BTSO EVM, which we have implemented, offer important opportunities for a strong industry. The Center guides companies through measuring carbon emissions, conducting energy efficiency studies, process efficiency studies, clean production and sustainability studies, establishing ISO 50001 Energy Management System, and applied trainings and efficiency activities for employees in the Green Agreement compliance process.” he said.


Burkay stated that the importance of energy efficiency in both cost reduction and sustainability issues is increasing. Explaining that energy saving measures, which is the biggest cost item of enterprises, will help to reduce costs by increasing efficiency, Burkay said, “We want companies to use their energy more efficiently. At this point, we want all our businesses to benefit from the advantages offered by the center. We will continue our efforts to make Green Bursa the leading city of green transformation.” said.

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