Audi Cars Turn into Virtual Reality Platforms

Audi Cars Turn into Virtual Reality Platforms
Audi Cars Turn into Virtual Reality Platforms

Audi becomes the world's first automaker to bring the virtual reality entertainment of the holoride feature into mass production. Rear seat passengers will be able to spend time with various media formats such as games, movies and interactive content by wearing virtual reality glasses (VR glasses).

The most striking thing is; virtual content adapts to the driving movements of the car in real time.

The new technology will be unveiled at the South by Southwest® (SXSW) festival in the United States. Visitors will be able to experience the holoride feature in a moving vehicle
In the future, passengers will be able to evaluate the time taken from point A to point B with an exciting gaming experience. Audi's backseat passengers will be able to experience movies, video games and interactive content much more realistically with VR glasses. The car journey will turn into a multi-modal game event.

The technology will be showcased at the South by Southwest® (SXSW) music, film and technology festival in Austin, Texas, and visitors will be able to drive in the backseats of all-electric Audi vehicles. Holoride has a close connection with South by Southwest. At the event held in 2021, holoride was awarded both the prestigious 2021 SXSW Pitch award in the "Entertainment, Game and Content" category, and the "Best in Show" award.

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Holoride creates immersive experiences

holoride was first introduced at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. In collaboration with Disney Games and Interactive Experiences, holoride implemented a VR gaming experience for cars from the Marvel world. During a roadshow from Los Angeles to San Francisco via California in the summer of 2021, holoride visited other production and game studios to demonstrate the technology's possibilities to other potential partners, in addition to other events and demonstrations. Visitors to the IAA 2021 in Munich had the opportunity to do their first demo rides with the holoride as part of the concept's slogan “Let's talk about progress”. Apart from that, the Salzburg Festival attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the holoride feature in the back seat of an Audi e-tron and experience a time travel through the musical ages of the city of Salzburg while searching for a young Mozart.

Autonomous Driving Opens New Paths

In the future, advanced automation of automobile transportation will not only enable new forms of entertainment while driving, but also create opportunities for learning and working on the road. When drivers do not have to focus on driving in the future; be interested in different things like working, reading, watching movies or playing games. Traveling synchronized with movement in the virtual world with holoride also reduces the phenomenon of motion sickness, which is frequently experienced by passengers who read books or spend time with audio-visual media on electronic devices such as tablets.

The interior will be a personal leisure space for users and the new design center for designers. Ultimately, the design process begins with the question: who will sit in a new model and what will people want to do there?

In the future, designers will design cars from the inside out, not the outside in, and therefore the customers will be at the center of the design.

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