Ambassadors of the Fashion Industry Showcase Their Contactless Designs

Ambassadors of the Fashion Industry Showcase Their Contactless Designs
Ambassadors of the Fashion Industry Showcase Their Contactless Designs

In the EIB Fashion Design Competition, which was organized for the 16th time this year by the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, in order to meet the designer needs of the Turkish fashion industry and to pave the way for young and innovative designers. kazanmoments announced.

EIB Fashion Design Contest organized for the 16th time kazanHis memory was Hasan Hüseyin Çanga with his design called Gentle Prototype. Eda Polat came in second with her THX 1138 design. kazanBurak Günel came in third with his design Wanderlust.

With the support of our jury member Arzu Kaprol, Birce Avcu won the Informatics Valley Special Award with the bio-materials she used in her design called Re-Contact, and the right to do an internship for two months at the Informatics Valley Design Cluster Center Wearable Technologies Coordinator. kazanwas.

The top 10 finalists exhibited their collections, which they prepared with Izmir Maturation Institute under the mentorship of Özlem Erkan, with the choreography of Öner Evez.

EHKİB Social Organizations and Competition Committee Chairman Tuğba Hazar said, “We have determined the theme of our 16th EIB Fashion Design Competition as contact-less with the effect of the pandemic. Our competitors designed the Spring-Summer / Women's and Men's collections for the first time this year. All of them are successful. We would like to thank our Ministry of Commerce for contributing to our organization, our Turkish Exporters Assembly, our competition mentor Özlem Erkan, the Izmir Maturation Institute for taking care of the sewing of the collections, and everyone who contributed.” said.

Burak Sertbaş, President of the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association, said, “With this opportunity we have given to our youth, we are starting from the very foundation of the cyclical textile process. This is how sustainability starts. Together with our young people, we cross borders more. As long as there are such brilliant young people, this industry will never end, we will continue to conquer the world.” he said.

TİM President İsmail Gülle said, “Our design competitions are of great value to the industry. kazannagged. Our fashion designers, who are the pride of the country today, came out of these competitions. I congratulate Burak President and his administration for the efforts and efforts of the young people who made their dreams come true.” said.

The developments regarding the EIB 16th Fashion Design Contest can be followed on, Facebook/eibmodatasarim, Twitter/eibmoda and Instagram/eibmoda social media accounts.

Who's on the jury?

In the Jury of the EIB 16th Fashion Design Competition, mentored by Fashion Designer Özlem Erkan, EİB Fashion Design Competition Committee Chairman and Jury Chairman Tuğba Hazar, Fashion Designer Arzu Kaprol, Fashion Designer Özlem Kaya, Fashion Designer Simay Bülbül, Fashion Designer Tuana Büyükçınar, Fashion Designer Çiğdem Akın, Fashion Designer Niyazi Erdoğan, Fashion Designer Murat Aytulum, Fashion Designer Belme Özdemir, Fashion Editor Anıl Can, İzmir Fashion Designers Association President Esin Özyiğit, Maseksport Company Official Mert Telyas.

Competition finalists

  • Aycan Asiye Flag
  • Birce Avcu
  • Burak Gunel
  • Eda Polat
  • Hasan Huseyin Changa
  • Izel Sandıkçı
  • Manolya Yalçınkaya
  • Nur Gungor
  • Sedef Bircik
  • Selin Sude Yavuz

What are the prizes?

  • First Prize 18.000 TL
  • Second Prize 13.000 TL
  • Third Prize 8.000 TL.
  • Study Abroad Scholarship Award

With the support of the Ministry of Commerce, the winning designers will have the right to receive education in the world's leading fashion schools for 2 years.

International Fair Participation

Among the top 10 finalists, the number of finalists to be determined by the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association Competition Committee will be given the right to visit any of the fairs organized by the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association.

EIB XVI. fashion design competition

Contact! It is the most important thing that establishes the relationship between the world inside man and the world outside. The human spirit touches the universe on this occasion… And the fingerprint left in every touch contains the story of the person along with his identity.

Life has been progressing for a long time with the digital world tools that have become the center of our lives during the pandemic period. The nutrition source of education, social, cultural and business life is now phones, screens, e-mails, video meetings. We are meeting in some way with our communities in all areas, but are we really meeting? Despite all the advantages of the digital world that eliminates distances, our greatest longing is the privilege of being physically present and sharing in the same environment. Do we really touch, do we touch life?

The 15th competition concept of EİB, which has been organizing Fashion Design Competitions for 16 years, in order to create an awareness platform by giving the young designers of our country the opportunity to show themselves and to contribute to the development of the Turkish Fashion Industry with the new values ​​it offers to the sector, brings these questions to the agenda.

CONTACT-LESS / Contactless!

Contact-less presents the concept of the reality of digital contact, which can be established with billions of people through physical contact and technology, as a new playground for fashion designers this year.

Environments that will be simulated with technologies that will make people experience the concept of mixed reality by adding touch to visual and audio reality, Avatars that will be our new digital identities, the rise of bio-materials and the formation of the biophilic design world, the transformation of the concept of sustainability from a concept into a vital necessity, business world, wealth, prosperity, demolishing the values ​​of success, politics and economy, and reinterpreting the concept of individual satisfaction and pleasure… A completely different world awaits us.

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