What Is Aphasia, What Are Its Symptoms, How Aphasia Is Diagnosed, How Aphasia Is Treated

What Is Aphasia, What Are Its Symptoms, How Aphasia Is Diagnosed, How Aphasia Is Treated

What Is Aphasia, What Are Its Symptoms, How Aphasia Is Diagnosed, How Aphasia Is Treated

Aphasia; It is a language and speech disorder that occurs as a result of physical damage or paralysis to all or a part of the brain responsible for language and speech.

What Are the Symptoms of Aphasia?

The main symptoms are;

  • difficulty speaking
  • difficulty in naming
  • difficulty in understanding
  • difficulty in reading and writing
  • It can be listed as using strange and inappropriate words in speech.

What are the Types of Aphasia?

Aphasia The symptoms of the species vary. Common types are:

Arrested Aphasia: This kind aphasiaPeople seen know what he means, but have difficulty expressing their opinions and communicating with others. "It's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't say it." The term is used for this type. Arrest is seen in both written and verbal communication.

Fluent Aphasia: This kind aphasiaDespite hearing and reading healthily, people who are seen have difficulties in making sense of it. They often take words only in their literal sense, regardless of how and where they are used. Fluent speech is present, but meaningful production is very limited.

Anomic Aphasia (fluent): These patients speak fluently and clearly, but have difficulties in naming. Although they do not have problems in perception, they cannot name objects or have difficulty remembering the word they want to use. They also have difficulties in verbal and written expression.

Global Aphasia: AphasiaIt is the most severe type. It usually occurs soon after a person has had a stroke. This kind aphasiaIn addition to having difficulties in speaking and understanding, people with this disorder also lose their reading and writing skills.

Progressive Aphasia: a rare aphasia type of progressive aphasiaPeople gradually lose their speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills. Patients begin to prefer to use alternative means of communication such as hand signals or facial expressions.

Aphasia, may appear mild or severe. Light aphasia seen people talking sohbet They may have trouble finding words or understanding complex speech. Severe aphasia, on the other hand, greatly affects the communication ability of the person, and patients have serious difficulties in communicating effectively or understanding spoken words.

How Is Aphasia Diagnosed?

After a stroke, brain injury or tumor aphasia probability of occurrence is very high. After neurological examination aphasic condition can be defined. In the process, the diagnosis is finalized as a result of the evaluation of language and speaking skills.

How Is It Treated?

  • Treatment may vary depending on certain factors:
  • Patient's age
  • Cause of brain damage
  • type of aphasia
  • The location and size of the lesion

AphasiaIn individuals, speech and language therapy applications help alleviate symptoms. In therapies, communication rehabilitation is aimed by using intervention techniques that help patients improve their speech and communication skills. Therapies include many language and speech production activities aimed at cognitive improvement. With the applied techniques, it is aimed that the patients gain the language and speaking skills that can establish healthy communication again.

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