ABB Implements Silicon Valley-Like Model in Başkent

ABB Brings Silicon Valley-Like Model to Life
ABB Brings Silicon Valley-Like Model to Life

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which follows technological innovations closely and acts with the principle of participation in city management, plans to bring together the citizens of the Capital with BLD 4.0 projects and to implement a model similar to Silicon Valley. Emphasizing that they aim to become a world brand in the IT sector, ABB President Mansur Yavaş Dikmen met with representatives of technology companies in Ankara, young entrepreneurs and local investors at the TechBridge Technology and Innovation Center. Yavaş said, “We aim to bring informatics to the forefront in Ankara by collaborating with the business world, young entrepreneurs and students in Ankara.”

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented BLD 4.0 projects, which especially supports young entrepreneurs, in order to ensure the development of the information sector with the aim of a model similar to Silicon Valley in the capital, encourages young entrepreneurs by opening technology entrepreneurship centers.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which opened the TechBridge Technology Center in Dikmen after the North Star, provides free services to entrepreneurs who want to improve themselves in the IT sector, following its cooperation with Bilkent University.

Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who attaches great importance to participation in city management, met with Bilkent University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Atalar met with Bilkent Cyberpark Chairman Aziz Tunç Batum, Bilkent Cyberpark General Manager Faruk İnaltekin, Bilkent Technology Transfer Office Coordinator Atilla Hakan Özdemir and representatives of technology companies in Başkent, local investors and young entrepreneurs.


At the meeting held at Dikmen TechBridge Technology and Innovation Center in Çankaya İlkadım District, nearly 50 participants exchanged views on the development of the IT sector and joint efforts to make the name of Başkent known to the world.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who made the opening speech of the meeting, made the following assessments:

“I believe that Ankara will develop through informatics, with industry and tradesmen coming together. In addition, our agricultural potential is very high. Considering that it has become more difficult to access food with the climate crisis after the wars and natural disasters, we think that agriculture will increase with projects that will enable our citizens to produce together with smart agricultural practices. We have a building and this place in the North Star. Hopefully, we aim to bring informatics to the fore in Ankara by collaborating with the business world, young entrepreneurs and students in Ankara. For this, we cooperate with Bilkent University. We have taken our decision from the parliament. With the enactment of the regulation, we continue our work by fulfilling the legal procedure. We are planning a big conference by coming together with the business world, organized industrial zones, SMEs and tradesmen. We will make you meet with them as if we were holding a fair.”

Addressing the young entrepreneurs who will use the Technology Center, Yavaş said, “If you inform us about the issues that we do not know, such as equipment support, we will help you. You know, as they say, you own the shop… For you to improve yourself… The municipality has wide possibilities. There are things that were taken from the warehouses but used once. When you let us know, we will try to provide it within a few days,” he said.


ABB President Advisor Utku Kaya stated that the purpose of the meeting is to develop informatics in Başkent and what can be done for a Silicon Valley model planning, “I believe that it is a good practice for entrepreneurs to test their ideas in a healthy way, not just once a year, but constantly, in a great cooperation of the municipality. I think they can be in communication," he said.


Gökhan Özcan, Head of ABB IT Department, gave the following information about the 'Academy Ankara' courses, which will start in a short time:

“Currently, we have determined 22 courses. As our esteemed rector said, university graduates go to Istanbul or abroad. Our aim is to keep them here and enable them to start their own business or create an employment in the sector. In addition to the education received from the university, we also want to train them in a more professional way and enable them to take part in the sector. If you have any suggestions on this subject, you can contact us. We have a competent team and universities support us in this regard. We welcome your suggestions in any way.”

Stating at the meeting that the best universities in Turkey are in Ankara and that they aim to reverse the brain drain, Bilkent University Rector Prof. Dr. Abdullah Atalar also expressed his thoughts, “Ankara is the place where the most research is done. But Ankara trains these students and sends them to Istanbul. Now we need to change this with the support of our esteemed president. Ankara needs to be at the forefront of informatics. I'm sure we will do that too. I believe that we can do great things by raising young people without losing them abroad. I believe that these centers will also provide great services to Turkey and Ankara”, while Bilkent Cyberpark General Manager Faruk İnaltekin said:

“We may be missing something, too. What is the expectation on the field? What do you want? Whoever comes will you be happy? We want to hear them. There will be smart city solutions, creative cultural institutes, games. We will prioritize these sectors, but we will not have strict rules. We want to include all kinds of technology. We want the voices of this sector to come out of Ankara.”

Chairman Yavaş and the participants later visited Dikmen TechBridge Technology Center and made observations.

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