ABB's First Aid Training Project Started

ABB's First Aid Training Project Started
ABB's First Aid Training Project Started

Within the scope of the protocol signed between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Hacettepe University, "First Aid-Basic Life Support Training" started to be given to the Metropolitan Municipality personnel. Within the scope of the project implemented by the Department of Women and Family Services, 40 personnel working at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, AYM and Youth Centers were given both theoretical and practical training.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many practices that prioritize public health in the capital and aims to raise social awareness with awareness activities, also took action on first aid training.

ABB Women and Family Services Department, cooperating with Hacettepe University, pressed the button for "First Aid-Basic Life Support Training" for its personnel.


Within the scope of the project, which was implemented with the contributions of the ABB Department of Health Affairs, in the first stage, 40 administrative and trainer personnel working in the Family Life Centers and Youth Centers of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine were given both theoretical and practical training.

Pointing out the importance of this life-saving training, Head of Health Affairs Department Seyfettin Aslan gave the following information:

“With Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, studies have been started for our personnel to receive emergency medicine training. The Metropolitan Municipality works closely with the people of Ankara. Therefore, we attach great importance to emergency medical assistance and want to maximize the training of our personnel. Basic first aid training will continue with our EGO bus drivers. We will ensure that all our personnel receive this training.”

Hacettepe University Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty Member and Adult Hospital Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Bülent Erbil stated that they signed a cooperation protocol with the Metropolitan Municipality and made the following assessments:

“Within the scope of a common protocol, we will explain the applications of basic life support, which is one of the most important nodules of first aid training. When a person's heart stops outside the hospital, the most important thing in increasing their chances of survival is performing CPR and giving them a chance to survive. Even if people whose heart and breathing stop outside the hospital are brought to the hospital, 10 percent of them can survive. 10 percent of 8 percent can survive in a quality and conscious way. This rate is very low. We think that these skills should be acquired especially in the areas where the community lives in public institutions, and we thank the Metropolitan Municipality for this sensitivity. Our support will always continue.”


Emphasizing that they aim to protect public health in Başkent, Hacettepe University Deputy Dean Prof. Dr. Gülen Eda Ütine said, “We aim to develop approaches to initiate first aid support if needed, to provide basic life support until the 112 teams arrive, and to resuscitate the patient in this way if possible, and to prevent neurological effects after he/she returns to life.”

Şinasi Örün, Head of Family Life Centers of the Department of Women and Family Services, who said that they started the first first aid training for the staff of Family Life Centers and Youth Centers and that trainings will continue to be given in other units, also said, “This training, which is in two sessions, theoretical and practical, is the first of our personnel to work with. We aim to raise awareness and information in aid and basic life support.”

ABB personnel who participated in the first aid training also shared their thoughts with the following words:

Gift South: “We gained very useful information in this first aid course we attended. We have deficiencies in basic life. In normal life, we can encounter all kinds of dangers by accident at any time. This information is vital to us.”

Zodiac Sign: “I believe that this first aid training we received is really important in our lives. We don't know what will happen to us or what we may experience. With these lessons, we gain self-confidence and learn what we should do and how we should do it correctly. ”

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