“Youth Lounge” Special for Youth Enters Service at Istanbul Airport

“Youth Lounge” Special for Youth Enters Service at Istanbul Airport
“Youth Lounge” Special for Youth Enters Service at Istanbul Airport

Strengthening its position as the world's most important global hub with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and high-level travel experience, IGA Istanbul Airport breaks new ground in Turkey with its Youth Lounge to offer young people a privileged, comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. opened the .

IGA Istanbul Airport, which is among the best in aviation in the world and stands out with the high-level services it provides to its passengers, opened the Youth Lounge, where it offers services for young people. Aiming to transform the time spent at the airport into a unique experience, IGA launched the Youth Lounge at Istanbul Airport International Terminal.

Young travelers meet at the pre-flight Youth Lounge…

The Youth Lounge, which was put into service considering the needs of passengers between the ages of 15-30, offers 5-hour WI-FI service for a fee of 4 Euros, PlayStation, music system, giant screen projection, table football, free board games under the sponsorship of D&R, current comics, live from time to time. It offers many opportunities to attract young people, including performances and events. IGA Istanbul Airport, which cares about the Z generation and designs the Youth Lounge accordingly, makes a difference with affordable snacks, coffee options and seating areas suitable for social distance.

Youth Lounge promises fun and comfort to young people…

Making statements at the opening of the Youth Lounge, İGA Digital Services and Trade Deputy General Manager Ersin İnankul said; “Our primary goal for IGA Istanbul Airport is to take this unique structure far beyond a travel point; to turn our guests' travels into an unforgettable experience. We continue our work in this direction and plan every detail so that all our guests can leave with a high level of satisfaction from the moment our passengers set foot in Istanbul Airport. In this context, we opened the Youth Lounge, which we have been working on for a long time, to the service of our youth. We have thought of every detail in the Youth Lounge, which we have put into service for our young people to have more fun and to use their pre-flight time effectively. Youth Lounge, in which Boğaziçi University and Istanbul University students also contributed in the design phase, also means that the dreams of young people come true. We have plans for the future in order to make this area a meeting point for young people. In addition to affordable snacks and coffee options for young people in accordance with the epidemic conditions, we have designed many products and services such as sitting and entertainment areas suitable for social distance, games, music broadcasting, reading books.


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