What is a Boat License? How to Buy? What is the Age Limit for Boat License?

What is a Boat License How to Get a Boat License What is the Age Limit for a Boat License
What is a Boat License How to Get a Boat License What is the Age Limit for a Boat License

Being in touch with the sea is a relaxing and peaceful experience for many people. For some, the trio of sea, sand and sun is enough to have a pleasant time, but there are also those of us who have a much deeper connection with the sea. For these people, sailing to deep blue waters on a boat where they can experience freedom is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy life. However, boat use can be carried out within the framework of the rules determined by the states around the world. Boat license is a necessary document for boat owners who cannot break their bond with the sea.

What is a Boat License?

Boat license, also known as "Amateur Seaman Certificate", is a mandatory document for the use of boats that meet the specified criteria. The amateur sailor's certificate (ADB), which is required by the TR Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the use of private watercraft with engines exceeding 10 horsepower, can be obtained after certain criteria are met. The said criteria are as follows:

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  • be over 14 years old
  • Not having a physical or mental illness that will prevent boat use
  • At least primary school graduate
  • Not previously charged with illegal smuggling of people and goods and not convicted of related crimes

Candidates who meet these criteria can take the exam and obtain a boat license by applying for the ADB document.

How to Get a Boat License?

“How to get a boat license?” The question is frequently asked by those who want to own a boat or who want to buy boats with more advanced features.

In order to have a boat license in our country, first of all, the training offered through the Amateur Seaman Training and Application System must be completed. After the training, the exam application process is carried out again through the system. After the application fee is paid, the documents required for the amateur sailor certificate application can be listed as follows:

  • Turkish identity card/new identity card and its photocopy
  • Health report from the state hospital showing that there is no obstacle to the use of boats
  • Bank receipt showing that the exam fee has been paid
  • For applicants between the ages of 14-18, a notarized consent letter issued by their parents in accordance with the sample
  • Signed application form containing 1 passport size photograph of the applicant

In the application process, it should be ensured that the application fee is paid first, because unpaid applications are directly rejected. After a complete application process, candidates are entitled to take the exam prepared by the TR Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. kazanir. Up-to-date information on boat license application procedures can be found on the website of the relevant Ministry.

Age Limit for Boat License

The age limit for boat license determined by legal regulations is 14. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have completed the age of 14 can apply for education and examination. However, it should be reminded again that applicants under the age of 18 are required to submit a signed consent letter filled in by their families. In addition, boat users between the ages of 14-18 cannot operate vessels with a length of more than 7 meters and a speed of more than 7 knots per hour, even if they have an amateur sailor certificate. This decision was taken by the Ministry in order to prevent accidents and health risks that may occur during use. Applicants over the age of 18 are exempt from all of these restrictions.

Boat License Required to Use How Many Meters of Boats?

“Which boat sizes require a license?” The question is frequently raised by boat owners. The amateur sailor certificate is valid for boats up to 24 meters in length and not used for any commercial purpose. The document does not cover commercial activities with the boat and cannot be used to work on a different boat. A different license is required to engage in commercial activities.

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