Electricity VAT Rate Has Been Reduced From 18 Percent To 8 Percent! Tariff Limit Increased to 240 kWh

VAT Rate on Electricity Decreased from 18 percent to 8 percent
VAT Rate on Electricity Decreased from 18 percent to 8 percent

President Tayyip Erdoğan announced some decisions that will create relief in electricity bills after the Cabinet meeting. Erdogan announced that the low tariff limit for households has increased to 240 kilowatt-hours per month. Indicating that VAT has been reduced to 8 percent for agricultural irrigation and residences, Erdoğan said that the gradual tariff application has been expanded to include commercial establishments.

In his address to the nation after the Cabinet meeting, President Erdoğan announced the new regulation in electricity tariffs.

In his statement, Erdoğan said: “VAT for electricity used in residential and agricultural irrigation has been reduced from 18% to 8%. In addition, the low tariff limit in residences has been increased to 8kw hours per day and 140kw hours per month. Thus, a net discount of 8% to 14% is provided on invoices, depending on consumption. In other words, it is ensured that residential subscribers pay 7 billion TL less bills annually.

We are expanding the tier application to include subscribers with business status. A 30% discount will be applied to the first segment of electricity subscribers with commercial status, which has a daily consumption of up to 900 kWh and a monthly consumption of up to 25 kWh. In this way, we ensure that our tradesmen and craftsmen pay 7 billion less bills annually.”

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