Turkish Police Prepare for the Safety of 2022 FIFA World Cup

Turkish Police Prepare for the Safety of 2022 FIFA World Cup
Turkish Police Prepare for the Safety of 2022 FIFA World Cup

The Turkish Police will take charge for the security of the 21 FIFA World Cup, which will be held on 18 November-2022 December, hosted by the friendly and brotherly country Qatar.

At the last meeting of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, it was found appropriate to approve the protocol on the implementation of the letter of intent on cooperation between Turkey and Qatar in the fulfillment of large-scale organizations.

With the protocol, it is aimed to share the experience and knowledge gained from ensuring the security of international organizations hosted by Turkey in previous years with the Qatari security forces.

Providing information to the deputies at the commission, Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Önal said that during the organization, it is foreseen that 3000 riot police or reinforcements will be deployed to support the Qatari security forces. Önal stated that when the Special Operations Police, Bomb Specialist and other Security Personnel are calculated, a total of 3 Police officers will be temporarily assigned to Qatar.

Expressing that Qatar will cover all the expenses of the personnel to be assigned, Önal stated that there is no expenditure that will bring an additional burden to the budget for Turkey. Önal stated that the personnel of the General Directorate of Security will be responsible to the Turkish superiors regarding their duties in Qatar, and the Qatari side will not be able to give direct orders to our personnel. said.

Manifestation of Trust and Respect

Deputy Director General of Security Erhan Gülveren said that the number of the personnel of the General Directorate of Security is more than 333 thousand and that the temporary assignment of 3 thousand 251 police in Qatar will not cause any weakness for Turkey.

Emphasizing that Qatar's request for cooperation is a manifestation of the trust and respect shown to Turkey and the knowledge and experience of the General Directorate of Security, Gülveren said: he said.

Stating that they carefully examined every detail that the General Directorate of Security personnel to be temporarily assigned in Qatar may encounter or may need, Gülveren said: We are constantly exchanging information. We have not yet determined our temporary staff, we will determine it after we have done the relevant work. After doing this study, we are planning a language course called Survivor English, maybe not in a very broad sense, but in a rough sense. We are also planning a training program for our personnel, equipped with some information about what and how to do when they go to Qatar.

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