TURKSTAT Announced February Housing Sales Statistics

TURKSTAT Announced February Housing Sales Statistics
TURKSTAT Announced February Housing Sales Statistics

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) announced the house sales statistics for February. Accordingly, house sales in Turkey in February increased by 20,1 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and became 97 thousand 587.

Providing information about the TUIK data, Real Estate Consultant Gülcan Altınay said, “Istanbul ranks first in housing sales with 18 housing sales and 752 percent. It was followed by Ankara with 19,2 thousand 8 house sales and 464 percent share, and Izmir with 8,7 thousand 5 house sales and 575 percent share. Ardahan with 5,7 houses, Hakkari with 23 houses and Bayburt with 40 houses drew attention as the cities with the least sales.”

Sales to foreigners continue

Noting that sales to foreigners continue, Gülcan Altınay said, “In Turkey, 4 thousand 591 residences were sold to foreigners in February. The share of house sales to foreigners in total house sales was 4,7 percent. The city that foreigners showed the most for the first time was Istanbul with 1958 residences. Antalya was followed by Istanbul with the sale of 1099 houses, and Ankara with the sales of 288 houses.

Iranians received the most

Altınay also informed that Iranian citizens bought 711 houses from Turkey in February, followed by Iraq with 633 houses and Russian Federation citizens with 509 houses.

They come for citizenship

Noting that the preferences of the buyers change according to the countries, Altınay said: “Citizenship comes first. There are also foreigners who buy real estate for different purposes other than citizenship, such as investment, short-term vacation, retirement. Saudi Arabians and Jordanians buy houses in Turkey for investment, Russians for holidays, Iraqis and Iranians for residence permits. The Chinese also want to get citizenship because Turkey is one of the countries that can easily get visas to Europe and America.”

Russia's interest will increase

Altınay added that Russian citizens will show more interest in Turkey due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by Europe and the USA in the coming months.

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