Safety of Saklıkent Ski Center is Entrusted to JAK Team

Safety of Saklıkent Ski Center is Entrusted to JAK Team
Safety of Saklıkent Ski Center is Entrusted to JAK Team

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue team working in Saklıkent Ski Center in Antalya comes to the rescue of holidaymakers who are stranded and lost in harsh weather conditions.

The ski resort at an altitude of 2400 in Beydağları is among the most important destinations of domestic and foreign tourists coming to the city.

While the visitors are doing various winter sports at the facility, the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) team consisting of 9 people is on duty 7 hours a day, 24 days a week in case of injury, stranding or disappearance that may occur in the region.

Tim conducts search and rescue, first aid and evacuation work in harsh weather conditions using snowmobile and ski equipment.

The expert team, which also makes use of 2 tracking dogs in search and rescue activities, ensures that tourists enjoy their holidays in safety.

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JAK Team Consists of Specially Trained Personnel

JAK Team Commander Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Mahir Akdemir said that the team carries out work in all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

Stating that the team is able to carry out work in natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, avalanches, floods, landslides and building collapses, Akdemir said, “The JAK team provides assistance to people who are trapped, injured in places such as mountains, canyons, caves, cliffs, rocks and wells. It consists of specially trained personnel who perform search and rescue missions for citizens who demand it.” said.

Explaining that the team was assigned on a voluntary basis, Akdemir noted that the personnel were selected from among the soldiers who received commando training, knew how to swim well, successfully completed the physical proficiency test, and were subjected to an oral interview.

Akdemir said that the JAK team has been operating in the area of ​​responsibility of the Antalya Provincial Gendarmerie Command since 2018.

Mahir Akdemir stated that after the notification made to the 112 Emergency Call Center was delivered to them, they prepared the technical materials according to the nature of the incident and reached the scene with the necessary tools as soon as possible, and said, "If there is a contact with the victim, we start the search and rescue activity by meeting with the victim, if not, with the victim's relative. The JAK team has responded to 2018 missing cases in Antalya and 156 injured and missing cases in Saklıkent Ski Center since 237.” he said.

Reminding that Kate Clow, who discovered and drew the Historical Lycian Way, disappeared during her walk in the region in 2020, Akdemir reminded that they found Clow as a result of a 10-hour study they carried out as a JAK team.

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