Occupancy Rate of Dams Increased in Bursa

Occupancy Rate of Bursa Dams Increased
Occupancy Rate of Bursa Dams Increased

The snowfall, which felt its effect in the city center especially in January and March this year in Bursa, served the dams that meet the drinking water needs of the city. With the rains, the average occupancy rate of the dams increased even more compared to the same period of the previous year.

Due to global warming and climate change, drought has been one of the most important agenda items in recent years; The snowfall, which has been effective since the beginning of this year in Bursa, sprinkled water on the hearts. The successive snowfalls this year reflected positively on the occupancy rate of the dams that meet Bursa's drinking water needs. The occupancy rate of Doğancı Dam, which was 38 percent these days last year, has increased to 51 percent this year. The average occupancy rate of Doğancı and Nilüfer dams, which was 36 percent last year, reached 42 percent this year.

With the April rains and the melting of snow, Bursa is expected to pass this summer without any thirst problems, as it did last year.

Günceleme: 15/03/2022 16:03

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