Court Said 'Stop' to Sapanca Cable Car Project

Court Said 'Stop' to Sapanca Cable Car Project
Court Said 'Stop' to Sapanca Cable Car Project

📩 22/03/2022 11:11

For the cable car project planned to be built in the forest in Sakarya, the court decided to stay the execution on the grounds that it could cause irreparable damages. He wanted to investigate whether it was in the public interest. The locals welcomed the decision with joy.

The people of the region have been fighting for two and a half years against the cable car project, the construction of which started in the Kırkpınar neighborhood of Sapanca. There has been a new development regarding the project that will lead to the massacre of nature. The appellate court said "stop" to the project. The local court had rejected the case without examining the merits in its previous decision.


According to the news of Zeynep Çam from Cumhuriyet;  Bursa Regional Administrative Court reversed the local court's decision. He decided to investigate whether there was a public interest in the project. Attorney Sercan Efe, who followed the case, emphasized that the decision was positive and said, “It is clear that the project does not bear public interest. The local court will decide whether the project is in the public interest or not. If the cable car was reaching Kartepe or a touristic place, it could have been of public interest, but in its current form it is nothing but a massacre of nature. It is the duty of all of us as citizens to protect the environment and nature, Sapanca's notables show a very sensitive approach, a project that the public does not want cannot be realized anyway," he said.


Kırkpınar Environment and Nature Sports Association also prepared a report that the project did not bear public interest. The report stated that the area where the project is located is rich in terms of underground water resources, and the following statements were made: “This situation will further increase the water problem of Sapanca, which is rapidly moving towards water scarcity. The only water resources of Sapanca Lake, streams and forests, are brutally destroyed by these projects. Sapanca lake has become a mesotrophic lake due to the decrease of the water code and the direct discharge of the wastewater from the houses built into the lake. Such a project, which will be carried out without the opinion and approval of the people of Sapanca, will set the stage for social tensions and events.”

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