Restoration Works Continue in Historical Uzunköprü

Restoration Works Continue in Historical Uzunköprü
Restoration Works Continue in Historical Uzunköprü

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that the restoration works in Uzunköprü, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List, are continuing rapidly.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a statement about the historical Uzunköprü, which is under restoration. It is stated in the statement that the construction of Uzunköprü started in 1437 with the order of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II and was completed in 1444, “Historical Uzunköprü; It was built with a length of 1392 meters, a width of 5,40 meters, and 174 chambers. The bridge, which has been damaged and repaired many times until today; According to the documents in the archive of the General Directorate of Highways, it was partially repaired in 1907,1928, 1964, 1967, 1971, 1990, 1993, 2002 and XNUMX, including the Ottoman Period.


The statement, which reminded that three arches of the bridge were destroyed in a flood in 1907, and that the arches that were destroyed in the same year were reconstructed and repaired, continued as follows:

“The carrier system of the bridge; In 1967-1971, it was damaged due to the expansion of its original flooring by adding a concrete deck and console in order to meet the vehicle traffic with two lanes, and due to its exposure to dynamic effects due to heavy heavy vehicle traffic. During this repair, some of the bridge railings were also renewed. In 1993, joint application was made with cement-based mortar on the tempan walls and inside the arches, and repairs were made with concrete around the feet where the water passes for the scours formed in the river bed.

In the statement that drew attention to the fact that a new reinforced concrete bridge was built as an alternative to the Historical Uzunköprü by the General Directorate of Highways in 2013, it was emphasized that the heavy vehicle traffic load was taken over Uzunköprü.


Reminding that Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu examined the historical Uzunköprü on site during his visit to Edirne in 2020, the statement said, “The bridge, which was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List in 2015, is the longest stone bridge in the world that has survived to the present day. The restoration works on the bridge, which started in 2021, are continuing rapidly. The General Directorate of Highways, showing the necessary sensitivity to contribute to the development of conservation awareness, will continue to ensure that our historical bridges, which are heirlooms of our ancestors, are restored and preserved in accordance with their originality.

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