Rehabilitation Service for Stray Dogs Started in Izmir

Rehabilitation Service for Stray Dogs Started in Izmir
Rehabilitation Service for Stray Dogs Started in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality broke new ground by cooperating with the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians for the sterilization of stray dogs. President Soyer said, “Thanks to this exemplary project, which is the only one in Turkey, we are taking our work, which continues to increase every year, to the next level.” İzmir Chamber of Veterinarians President Selim Özkan said that İzmir is an example for Turkey with another pioneering project.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has tripled the number of sterilized stray animals in the last three years in order to prevent uncontrolled reproduction of stray animals and to protect the welfare of animals and public health, has signed an exemplary cooperation for Turkey. In addition to sterilization, the “Rehabilitation Service of Stray Dogs Rehabilitation Project”, which includes rabies vaccine, parasitic drug application and marking, started in cooperation with the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, as well as Republican People's Party (CHP) İzmir Deputy Özcan Purçu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary Generals Barış Karcı and Şükran Nurlu, İzmir Chamber of Veterinarians President Selim Özkan, attended the ceremony in Kültürpark. The previous term Deputy Chairman Sırrı Aydoğan, bureaucrats of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, CHP İzmir provincial administrators, CHP Karabağlar District President Mehmet Türkbay, non-governmental organizations, heads of chambers, unions and cooperatives, headmen and animal lovers attended.

Our work accelerates kazanleg

In his speech, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “Be sure that one of our most important virtues and virtues that distinguishes us from the west is our conscience to protect our dear friends. You know, one of the biggest weaknesses of that developed and advanced civilization of the West is that conscience that we have and that they do not have. I would like to thank the beautiful people of this land, those volunteers who take care of their dear friends. With the project, we are taking a historic step for our dear friends with whom we share this city. Thanks to this exemplary project, which is the first and only in Turkey, we are taking our work, which has been increasing every year since we took office, to the next level.”

“We aim to sterilize 500 dogs per month”

Stating that this project, which is carried out through the "Coordination Center" within the body of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, includes many innovations, Mayor Soyer said:

“With this project, our dear friends can be tracked instantly by marking them with ear tags and microchips. Transfers are made to hospitals or polyclinics. Within the scope of our protocol, we aim to sterilize 500 dogs per month. The dogs will also be given rabies vaccine and parasitic medication. We are starting this practice, which we will implement throughout İzmir within the scope of the Animal Protection Law No. 5199, in our districts where the stray dog ​​population is dense. Before this project, we had done a very valuable and special job with the Chamber of Veterinarians. Our work on banned breeds was a first in Turkey. Within two days, 982 prohibited breed dogs were sterilized within two days as part of goodwill in the clinics that are members of the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians. If these animals were left on the street, there would be serious problems in terms of public health.”

Intense pace for stray animals

President Soyer said that as soon as he took office, they established six sterilization centers in Ödemiş, Torbalı, Kemalpaşa, Seferihisar, Urla, and Dikili in order to provide effective service for stray animals in the surrounding districts, and said, “These units serve not only to the districts where they are located, but also to 19 districts outside the metropolitan area. gives. Our Emergency Response teams are on duty 7 hours a day, 24 days a week for street animals living on the street and getting sick. Our dear friends who get sick are brought to Kültürpark Small Animal Polyclinic to be healed. The number of our emergency response team, to two; We increased the number of vehicles from two to five. We bought two animal transport trailers. In the last three years, 72 thousand stray animals have been examined and 22 thousand stray animals have been operated within the body of our municipality. We continue to distribute high-energy food throughout the year for our dear friends who live on the street and find it difficult to find food. We distributed 365 tons of food in three years. We have increased the number of veterinarians within our municipality. We also increased the number of operating rooms in Kültürpark Small Animal Polyclinic to two.”

“We owe justice, not mercy, to living things in nature”

President Soyer pointed out that the number of sterilized stray animals has tripled since they took office. Stating that the number of sterilizations, which was 2019 in 5, has increased to over 503 thousand in 2021, Soyer pointed out that this number will increase even more thanks to the commissioning of the new units under construction and the "Rehabilitation Service for Stray Dogs Without Owners" project they have initiated.

Stating that they established a rehabilitation and adoption center at European standards in Bornova Gökdere with an investment of approximately 21 million, Soyer concluded his speech as follows:

“I hope we will open it together in the very near future. We will name this facility, which was established on an area of ​​37 thousand square meters and has a capacity of 500 dogs, after Pako, the dog of master writer Bekir Coşkun, whom we lost. If we want a world without violence, just and peace; We must demand this not only for humans, but also for our nature and all living things of which we are a part. We humans do not owe mercy to living things in nature, but justice. I believe that the studies we have carried out on our dear friends will also contribute to the development of such a culture. I would like to thank the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians, the partner of our project, and all non-governmental organizations and volunteers for their efforts.”

“As İzmir, we are the pioneers again”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and the head of Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians, Selim Özkan, who thanked the working team for the project they implemented, said, “There is no precedent for this protocol in Turkey. There are small-scale transactions. They ask us and our municipality for ideas from many municipalities in Turkey. They get feedback on how you're doing. As İzmir, we are once again pioneers. We are proud as İzmir.”

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