People's Bread Factory Received Full Marks from Ankara residents

People's Bread Factory Received Full Marks from Ankara residents
People's Bread Factory Received Full Marks from Ankara residents

Halk Bread Factory, which has been producing healthy, quality, hygienic and reliable bread and bakery products for 41 years, received full marks from Ankara residents. In the survey conducted face to face with 2 thousand 76 citizens, 'Are you satisfied with the products of Ankara Public Bread Factory?' While 3 percent of the customers answered 'no' to the question, the majority of them stated that they were satisfied. People in Başkent said that they mostly like Ankara bagels produced by Halk Bread Factory and 250 grams of regular bread.

The rate of appreciation of bread and bakery products produced by Ankara Public Bread Factory is increasing day by day.

Halk Bread Factory conducted a survey to measure all aspects of the service provided to citizens in Başkent Markets, Factory Outlets and Bread Sales Buffets, especially in Başkent Markets. The satisfaction level of the citizens was measured through a face-to-face survey conducted at 20 Başkent Market Branches, 2021 Factory Outlets and Public Bread Sales Buffets serving in the center between October 10, 2021 and December 7, 4.


Announcing the results of the customer satisfaction survey consisting of 2 questions, which was conducted face-to-face with 76 citizens in total, Ankara Halk Bread Factory General Manager Tamer Eski said that the people of the Capital have confidence in Halk Bread Factory.

“Are you satisfied with the products of Ankara Public Bread Factory?” 69,4 percent of the people answered yes, 25 percent partly, 3,9 percent no, 1,6 percent had no idea.

While 72,7% of the participants also stated that the bread and bakery products produced by Halk Bread Factory are of high quality, reliable and hygienic; 73,9 percent emphasized that they were satisfied with the attitudes and attitudes of the personnel of Başkent Market, Başkent Buffet and Factory Outlet.


Tamer Eski, General Manager of Halk Bread, underlined that the citizens find the hygiene measures applied at Halk Ekmek sales points sufficient and that they produce approximately 68 million 1 grams of normal bread per day, apart from 250 kinds of bread and bakery products.

“We organized a 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' with our citizens from Ankara at the end of 14 in order to measure all aspects of the services we provide at our 421 sales points and 2021 Bread Sales Buffets. The 'satisfaction' rate was high in the face-to-face survey conducted with our 2 thousand 76 fellow citizens. The results of the survey revealed that approximately 70 percent of the people of Ankara are satisfied with all the products produced by the Halk Bread Factory and that they find the products hygienic and healthy. We will continue to work with all our strength to increase these rates and our quality even more.”

Pointing out that they bring 52 local products from 234 producer cooperatives and unions across Turkey to the people of the Capital at affordable prices, Eski said, “52 of the 23 cooperatives operate in the surrounding districts of Ankara. 12 of these are producer cooperatives established by women. So far, we have provided resources to farmers in Ankara by purchasing products worth approximately 75 million TL from these cooperatives.”

250 grams of NORMAL Bread and ANKARA bagels are MOST LIKED

It was also revealed that 73 percent of the citizens liked 14 grams of normal bread the most among the 250 types of bread produced.

According to the results of the survey, normal bread was followed by village bread with 13 percent and whole wheat bread with 7 percent. In the survey, Ankara bagel came first in the scope of the rating. cevizli Baklava was one of the most favorite desserts of the capital city residents.

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