Learning Absenteeism and Grade Information with E-School Login 2022

What is EBA? How to Use EBA? How to Make EBA Student Login? How to Login to EBA Teacher
What is EBA? How to Use EBA? How to Make EBA Student Login? How to Login to EBA Teacher

By logging into the e-School system, the process of learning sick days and grade information has gained momentum in recent days. VBS Parents who want to learn their student's school information with the parent information system known as 'E-school entry and learn absenteeism and grade information' are doing research.

In the e-School system, where the school information of students studying at all primary, secondary and high school levels are included, there are grades they received during their education, new programs related to their courses and report card grades. In addition to the absenteeism information, where the student's absence from school is processed, many inquiries are also carried out through the same system.

While the mid-term break, known as the second holiday of 2022, is planned to start on April 11 and end on April 15, parents who want to reach their student's absence and grade information before the mid-term break are searching for 'learn absenteeism and grade information'.

Learn absenteeism and grade information with e-school login 2022

The e-School system, implemented by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) in 2007 within the framework of information systems, provided both parents and students with the opportunity to access a large amount of information quickly. With the 'Parent Information System' known as the E-School VBS, they can easily see all the course schedules of their students, their absenteeism information during the periods they did not attend school, together with their exam results and their verbal grades.

e Click Here to Inquire about School Absenteeism Information

Both students and parents can access the aforementioned data from the same screen. After logging into the system, it is sufficient to write the student's TR ID number and student number in the box that appears. MEB has made all transactions easy for E-School inquiry! Here is the E-School Parent Information System… The E-School system, where many students and parents learn grade information and absenteeism information, is gaining more importance day by day.

With the increasing use of the internet in our country, the things we can do from the internet have started to increase. Now we can do many of our transactions easily over the internet. One of the transactions we can do over the Internet is the E-School system.

There are two different applications in the e-School system. One of them is the E-School parent information system that students and parents can enter, and the other is the E-School management information system, which only teachers and administrators can log in.

In order to access the E-School parent information system, you must log in to the E-School website from the website. In order to log in to the system, a 4-digit security code must be entered in the box after the student's TR ID number and school number are entered. When we press the login button, we will enter the E-School parent information system. After logging into the system, we can now access most of the information about our student from here. Some of those; absenteeism information, E-School grade information, project assignment, report card grade, diploma grade. Especially with the absenteeism information updated every day, students will not be able to hide it from you when they miss school.

The e-School management information system is a system that only teachers and administrators can log in. In order to benefit from this system, you must be a teacher or administrator working under the Ministry of National Education. After the e-School system came, teachers and administrators were also relieved. Thanks to this system, administrators can easily perform registration, transfer, registration renewal and de-registration of students. With this system, teachers can enter the student's grades, absenteeism information, project assignments and scores, and report card grades into the system. In order to benefit from this application, you can log in with your username and password after logging into the E-School website.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, parents can also use the E-School application. By logging into the E-School application, parents have information about their students' educational life. The actions that parents can do with their students by using the e-school application are as follows;

  • absence status,
  • Exam, project and behavior notes,
  • Knowledge of documents such as appreciation, certificate of appreciation,
  • progress reports,
  • Information such as report cards

In order for parents to log in to the E-School application;

They must go to the e-School website and fill in the required 'Student TR Identity Number', 'Student School Number' and 'Numbers in the Picture' sections.

Teachers and administrators, on the other hand, can log in to the E-School application and transfer information about the student and school to the system. By using the E-School application, teachers and administrators can do the following about students and the school;

  • enrollment of students,
  • Entry of students' file and photo information into the system,
  • Transfer and transfer transactions,
  • Absenteeism entries and absenteeism tracking,
  • Entry of the school's classroom class syllabus,
  • Knowledge of the courses to be taught,
  • The knowledge of the teachers who will take the courses to be taught,
  • Exam date,
  • Progress reports

In order for teachers and administrators to use the E-School application:

They can start the process by logging into the e-School website. They can perform transactions by filling in the fields arranged as 'Numbers in the Picture', 'User Name', 'Password'.


e-School is a school management information system web software launched by the Ministry of National Education in January 2007 within the scope of the Ministry of National Education Information Systems (MEBBİS) project. It is a system that includes the entire process from the registration of a student to school until graduation. It is developed by the General Directorate of Educational Technologies.

State and private primary schools, kindergartens, private education institutions, secondary education institutions operate in the e-school system.


In the e-school system, student registration, transfer procedures, grade entries, absenteeism procedures, exam information, application and preference processes for centrally held exams (TEOG, DPY-B, etc.), document processes (appreciation, thanks, honor, etc.), weekly Course program entries, received documents, e-cards, branch written averages, announcements and information entries through many modules are entered into the servers of the Ministry of National Education.

Apart from the e-school module, there is the e-school Parent Information System (e-school VBS) opened for parents to monitor the school status of the students. In this system, student absenteeism, course schedule, behavior grades, exam dates, announcements made by the school, entrance documents of central exams or preference results can be followed by answering a few security questions after entering the Republic of Turkey (TC) Identity Number and school number.

E School Management System: While only teachers and school directors can log in via this system, students can enter their grades and absenteeism information. In addition, students' term paper grades and behavioral information can be entered through this system.

E-School Parent Information System: While only parents and students can log in via this system, students can query their grade point average, grade information and absenteeism information. You can easily learn the information of the students you are a parent through this system.

E-School Curriculum: e-School course schedule, course start and end times, teacher information, weekly course schedule,

Absence Information: Disabled and unexcused absences during the 2021-2022 academic year,

E School Grade Information: Scores related to exams, projects and performance-defining studies taken by the student at school. Days before the report results are announced, you can see the Student Report Card and grades on the e-School Parent system VBS.

Student TR Identity Number: It is an 11-digit number given by the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. For students whose TR Identity Number cannot be found, the temporary number given in their registration to the e-School system is used.

Student School Number: It is the number given during registration to the school. Every student must have a school number. This number must be known in order to log in to the system.

E-School Login: You can visit the E-School Login page to learn how students, parents, administrators and teachers can log in to the e-School Parent Information System.

E-Registration: You can follow the E-Registration link for paperless, donation-free e-registration procedures, student secondary education institutions e-registration processes without an exam.

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